[VoxSpace Exclusive] Cults Part Three : The Horrifying Paranormal Practices And Rituals In Hyderabad

Editor’s Note: 

Back in the month of May, we brought to our readers a duology which shook the entire website community with its honest, brutal and violent portrayal of horrifying Cult practices existing within the city. The readers were left in utter agitation over the way we explained things. We were accused to be partaking in such practices, which we weren’t. We were questioned about our integrity in reporting them to officials, which we did. However, as the Cults Duology gained immense popularity, a strange thing started to occur. We received innumerable messages from different sections of the society, asking us to cover and expose Cult practices that they knew of. We had just touched upon the subject, the tip of the iceberg truly. What was remaining to be told, was, even more, gut wrenching and horrifying. And so our team of writers set out to interview, record, collate and verify the practices that you are about to read below.

Our findings brought us into a tentative area of belief and truth, of reality and hallucinations, of spirit and human, and more specifically God and Devil. The following Cults are bringing upon themselves to invite people in a world filled with mysticism and supernatural. As the presenters of this issue, we were left with no choice but to explain the procedures involved in these so called liberating rituals. By doing so, we are neither vouching for their efficiency or propagating their existence. We are simply questioning the reality present in them.

We would like to thank Swetha Trivedi, Teresa Rodrick and Maanvi Gupta, to have contributed their parts to our feature. As always, the pieces of evidence gathered have been submitted to the concerned authorities and we hope that sincere efforts be made in abolishing these Cults and rituals in the city.

The following presentation is highly unsuitable for readers below 18 years of age and those of impressionable minds. The language used in the description of various acts and rituals is raw and disturbing.

Reader discretion advised. Please do not proceed if you think you might be affected by concepts like Necrophilia (sexual acts upon corpses), Spirit callings using violent methods and Body inflictions leading to dismemberment and death.

Chapter One: Lejjorah – The Necrophilic Ritual of Inviting Other Worldly Souls (Hindu Graveyard, Borabanda, 2012)

(Image For Representation Purpose Only)

There are seven participants in the ritual taken up by the migrant Cult called Yindrolu. Yindrolu originates from a small town in Rajasthan, near Jodhpur. They moved out of the state in the early 17th century, as drought consumed their village. The whole population of that village was then divided into different subsects, and each of these subsets took off to different parts of the country. One such subsect came to Hyderabad under the regime of the Nizam. They were given land and resources to settled down their community. This subsect which we cannot name for multiple reasons, diversified into a rigorous and radical group, or rather a Cult, which adamantly believed in preserving their initial customs back in Rajasthan. One of these rituals was Yindrolama or as it was eventually called, Yindrolu by the locals.

The seven participants come to the graveyard, at about 2 AM, with shovels and daggers. One of these seven is already elected as Jammhran, meaning the first to live. The Jammhran can be chosen at any point of the ritual day, but he will continue to do so till the next one. Two of these seven participants are grave diggers, already know where the newest corpses are buried. They mark them with red marks and sliced up lemon slides. The two grave diggers, thus get to work. As the others including Jammhran, strip down themselves naked. They then form a circle, at one corner of the graveyard, carefully drawing a rough one on the ground with a stick. The circle needs to be near perfect, with Jammhran sitting right at the centre of it. All the other six participants will eventually take their place, equidistant from each other along the circumference of the circle. From each sitting position, a line is drawn to the middle, to where the Jammhran is sitting. All the lines converge at a single point, called Aatma (Soul). Jammhran sits on the Soul point.

The Digging Out Corpses And The Empowering Ritual

The Grave diggers have dug out one body. A body of a woman wrapped in white cloth, as they carry it aside to place it near the ritual circle. They need two more for the best effect of the ritual. One soul might be corrupted you see, and so the others two will help the sacrifice to fruition.  All the naked men, including Jammhran at the centre, start drawing a small line on the ground in front of them. They place then, slices of lemon in front of them, and sprinkle turmeric and red kumkum powder on them. Their dicks have to clean and unpolluted.

So after saying the first prayer, “Jumma Karilo Parkiromi Humbari Lirkorina Lirkorina Hijoron” (When We Enter Your Body, It Is For Your Soul To Liberate, And God To Enter). The participants, while chanting this, pull back the foreskin on their dicks, and hold the dickhead firmly in their palms. They start rubbing it, to make them harder. Once they become upright, they now push the lemon slices onto their dickheads. Twisting and twirling, the lemons are made to cover the dickheads, till their chance comes. The lemon keeps them aroused all through the ritual, and they need to ensure that the lemon slice doesn’t slide out or fall off. Hence, they direct their dicks to the ground, while kneeling down, and push them into the ground to fix it into the lemon slice and hard ground. They sit in a position where almost half of their weight is now being carried by their dicks firmly fixed into the hard soil below their legs.

The Mutilation Of The Dead And Soul Point Interference

The Grave diggers have pulled out another two bodies in the meanwhile. One of an older woman, and one younger. They now carry all the three women to the circle where the others are waiting for them, with a small fire being lit near Aatma (The Soul Point). Two elder women, somewhere in the age bracket of 35 to 40, and another a bit younger, 20 to 25 by the looks of it. The ritual asks for a descending order of age. But they need to be ready before the ritual begins. So the grave diggers, untie all the cloth wrapping around the three bodies and undress their customary dresses to bring them out naked. They will now, place them side by side, the oldest to the north, and the others following her. Even until this point, the grave diggers have not joined the circle of Yindrolu, nor have the bodies come into their eventual destination. Then they pour honey over the corpses foreheads. That’s only the start. The mutilation of the dead is just the beginning. Either of the grave diggers has sharp spokes of about ten inches each. So they now select the eldest of the bodies by the looks of it and start the ritual of Yindrolu. They carry the corpse of the lady to the Soul Point.

Here, once the body is placed before the Jammhran, the grave diggers are completed of their tasks. They will now join the others in their marked spots on the circumference of the circle. The ritual is to be proceeded by the Jammhran now. He picks one of these 10-inch spokes, and carefully lifts the eye lids of the corpse before him. Just the upper eye lid. You see the corpse, the dead need to see the ritual they are partaking in. Otherwise, their ascend to the heavens will be blind literally. So, he lifts the eye lid, twists it and pins it to the eye brow. He does the same to the other eye as well. The spokes are punched right through the turned eye lids, and through the eyebrows and skull. Now the eyes are open all through the act. The Jammhran needs to consume the honey dripped on the forehead of their first corpse. And thus he does, licking the honey off the forehead. It is time for the lemon slice covering his dick to come off.

The Second Stage Of Ritual And Necrophilia

The second stage of the ritual begins, as Jammhran calls two of his associates, one from his right and other from his left, to come and lift the corpse’s legs and hold its thighs on their shoulders. Once the arrangement is done, Jammhran rubs his dick furiously a few times, to harden it. And then he thrusts it into the vagina of the corpse. But is it just the sex? Is the whole ritual of Yindrolu just a more detailed piece of evidence for Necrophilia? What the Jammhran does next will perhaps answer these questions.

The legends that the sect believes in, speaks of a union of humans with nature. According to them, the union of humans and nature is only through their reproductive parts.  A man is the closest to nature and thereby God when he ejaculates, or his dick is subject to immense pain. Similarly, women are the nearest to God, when they achieve an orgasmic pleasure or when their vagina is subject to immense pain. Thus, pain is a pathway to divinity is what the legends say. Jammhran needs to subject himself and the corpse before him to immense pain. And so he withdraws his dick from the vagina and holds it still for a moment.

Then he picks up a fistful of coarse mud in his right hand, and one moment starts rubbing all of the mud, onto the dickhead. He is not supposed to scream, and so he bites into his hand. This mud infusion needs to be done thrice, and make it as coarse as possible. The same ritual now needs to do for the dead corpse. The participants holding the thighs up, pick up the mud by fistfuls and rub it all over the vaginal area. And thus the ritual continues, as the Jammhran ejaculates eventually after inserting his dick multiple times in the coarsen vaginal region.

The Blessings Acquired And The Ritual Completion

Once the Jammhran has done his part, he will sit on Aatma (the soul point) keeping on chanting. He will not touch the other two corpses. Those will be devoured by the remaining participants in the similar fashion. Once they ejaculate they need to come to The Soul Point, and suck the dickhead of the Jammhran and lick the blessings of it. The Jammhran would have to ejaculate multiple times before the sunrise. And it was the duty and responsibility of the participants to help him do so. He would have to enter the selected corpse again at the first break of dawn. And so he does. This time he selects the youngest of the corpses, which has already been spoiled by six other men. To arouse himself, he drips honey onto the breasts and stomach.

Once done, he arouses himself for his last act of the day. And he pours mud over his part and the corpses. And enters it. Trying a couple of positions, he inserts his dick in various manners. And finally, after much effort and prodding, he mildly ejaculates. That ejaculation is precious as the disciples collect it in their palms, and start rubbing it to their foreheads. Then, the bodies once they are done with their deeds, are burnt. Cremation taken up twice is a sin and will hamper the soul in its travel to the heaven.

As a result of this ritual, the soul of the woman has been satisfied and it can now traverse easily. As for the men, the participants, they have attained incredible good fortune and what we term as Nirvana. They have done the God’s deeds, and have become closer to him. And therefore they will be taken care of forever and more.

In 2015, various groups of Yindrolu and their practices were exposed by a student. It so happened that in January 2015, a student, Rambabu Yadav, lost his sister to unexpected illness. Most doctors confirmed that it was typhoid but an incurable one. The family of Rambabu Yadav, cremated the body, as per their sect’s customs. After the ceremonial functions were completed, and as they returned home, a fight erupted between Rambabu’s mother and his Aunt, over a missing piece of jewellery. Rambabu’s mother accused the aunt, that she nicked the jewellery while they were busy with the ceremony. As the family intervened, they concluded that Sravani, the sister who had just passed away, was perhaps wearing it. Some said that they noticed it, and some vouched that they didn’t. As it was, to resolve the issue, it was decided to dig out Sravani under the supervision of the local priest and settle the issue once and for all. The next day, the dead body was missing. The obvious blame went to the grave diggers.

The Investigation Into This Horrifying Ritual

As the police investigation started, and torture methods implemented, the whole Cult and ritual of Yindrolu came out into existence. In one single operation, the Hyderabad Police arrested six different Yindrolu sects from across the graveyards in the city. The fortnightly ritual was one which was conducted precisely, and therefore the police planned out a sweeping operation to arrest them. After the arrest, of the Naked Tantriks, as they were claimed in local newspapers and reports, the Police seized from them five kilos of Gold ornaments, more than a dozen saris and dress materials, and three jars of human eyeballs, preserved in a concoction of honey, and coconut water.

They had spoiled an estimate of 37 female corpses over the past five years. It was a family ritual being done over the generations, hence there’s no telling as to the actual number of victims. Today, the graveyards are under the patrol of beat officers. Ironically, the police say, we are not safe even when we are dead.

Are We Not Somewhere Similar?

Srinivas Gupta, a retired Psychology Lecturer at Osmania University, who studies the origins and effects of Necrophilia in modern day living, speaks of the said practice below,

“In the society, we live in, Necrophilia is abhorred completely. You see, it is considered a sin to even talk about the dead in a bad manner. But we need to understand that, in the ancient civilisations, be it Indian, Mesopotamian, or Egyptian, we can see multiple instances where the dead were dug out of their graves and coffins every once in a while, prayed and put back. In Egyptian civilization, we can see that, the women if they died being a virgin, then high priests would inseminate her in a ritual and then mummify her. You see, perhaps those rituals were being adopted by Indus Valley civilization in time to come, and it evolved by including Sacrilegious elements into it. Now, in today’s world, it is grievous to look at such sects still implementing age old beliefs and more. But are we truly to blame them?”.

“We in India are blessed to have about 12 major religions and more than 780 communal sects. All these sects are interlinked and overlapping. The practices are inspired and evolved. Hence, at the end of the day, we as a society can provide Social Education within our education bodies to establish to our next generation a structure of well-being. As for the worship of Sexual and Reproductive organs, these rituals are not uncommon. You know, there is another major world religion which worships a Penis in total reverence. It’s an easy guess. Hence, our age old rituals are still existing, and we claim that it is religious and not Cult-ish practice, because they are millions following it.  So it is all a matter of belief and acceptance. At the end of the day, how can we claim that what they do with Dick worship is wrong, while we go pour milk, honey and more, over the Penis of an Indian God? It is just the matter of evolution”

Chapter Two: The Other World Communication Ritual (Ouija Seekers Community, West Maredpally, Hyderabad  By Teresa Rodricks)

It was in late November 2016 that I get a call from my dad. He asks me whether I have paid the rent, and if I haven’t, would I want him to send some amount? He then asks me whether I will be coming to Alleppey anytime soon and that there is a guy called Kieron, who my dad is interested in, for me. I just laugh out the matter and say that I can’t really plan anything right now, as my teaching course is still underway. And then when I say this, he goes silent for a moment, and asks me to take care, and have food properly. I can hear my mom in him now, but I never knew how my mom actually spoke. My dad brought me up, and that’s the whole parent I have for myself. I smile involuntarily and say yes, and the call fades away. It is an hour later that I wake up. My dad had passed away in the last month.

I’ve had this surreal dream for more than a week now. It is as if, all the crying and grief I’ve gone through has manifested into something psychological. I could hear him. I swear I saw his number flash on my phone a couple of times this week. There is a presence, I cannot explain it, but it is still there. When I sleep, when I pray, when I just go to the church. I feel him. I can smell him at times.

My Dad is alive. I believe in that, irrespective of the reality. I try to discuss this with the Pastor, but he says that Grief is taking a physical course for me now. It is understandable he says, and quite expected as well. He says that My Dad has ascended to the Kingdom of The Lord, and is being taken care. The ceremony went well, he reminds me, and the goodbyes have already been spoken. But then, why are these unexplainable things happening to me? I do not understand.

A faint whisper in the quiet of the night, a whooshing sound while I sit down to work. The other day, a bunch of children playing on the ground floor, find a dead crow and the very same day, I have a dream which shows me how the crow met its death. An old woman refuses to step into my home while inviting me for the Christmas dinner. She says, she feels very awkward to come in. I go to the college in Sainikipuri, and these days I do not want to come home. It is not that I’m afraid of my dad who is living there now. It is just that, I can’t face the people in my apartments, who have already taken up that I’ve lost my mind.

A New Hope To Reach My Dad And Talk To Him

In this scenario, I meet Jacob Mathews, a fellow teacher trainee at my college. Although I know him for a while, it is in grief that you want to talk to different people than your usual set of friends. I start listening to his theory about the dead. He says, and I quote “Soul is an energy. And we all know Energy can neither be created nor destroyed. So when this quantifiable soul is removed from the host body, it has to drift in the atmosphere, like wind energy, until a tapping mechanism brings it into a different body. A study says that Pregnant women over the 9 months of pregnancy evolve this tapping mechanism, and the drifting soul comes down to the child. Until then the Soul is just out there. Maybe your dad is yet to find the host body”. The theory makes sense.

But our discussions, of misplaced and desperate intellect, come down to communication with this Soul. If we can have devices and methods to detect energy, like an electric tester, which tells you the flow of current in a wire, there could be a way we can detect such Soul energy. Of course, we remember the Spirit Game Board and/or Ouija Boards which are highly used in horror movies these days. The occult practices of communicating with the spirits or souls have rarely been practised here in India on an academic level, and thereby not much is known about them.

The Rules Of The Ritual

It is in February 2017, I get to know from the internet about a community of Soul Seekers, in West Maredpally. Although as an academic, my mind tells me that this is not the path I want to take, my heart feels that its worth a try. After all, as long as I am strong and distant, no one can affect me. In the next few days, I arrive at a phone number and call for an appointment. The speaker on the phone tells me that there is a Slot opening on the 28th of February. I confirm the same.

Then, he passes to me an account number, to which he asks me to wire an amount of Rs. 10,000. Grief and Desperation are two very powerful tools which make a man do anything. I transferred the amount and waited till February 28th to come. A week before the appointment, I was sent this list of things to do before and while attending the Soul Seeker session.

“Dear Fellow Seeker,

We congratulate you on being courageous and willing to the answer of Gods. We are fortunate to have the company of you on the 28th of February. On the said date, we look forward to unifying in our pursuit to communicate with people who have been less fortunate than us. The below are some of the rules and guidelines which we want you to abide by, for a fruitful session with us, and achieve an endearing communication with our loved ones.

1. Each candidate will have to bring one belonging of the person they want to communicate with, failing which the session will not proceed.

2. The Roku (a silver coin) which will be given to you for the said session, needs to be handed back to the organizers immediately after the session.

3. After the session is completed, Do Not take a bath or have any form of water contact on your physical self for the next 50 hours.

4. Post session for a month or two, avoid any interaction with any animals, pets or otherwise or eat any meat. The effect of Spirit is inversely proportional to meat consumption.

5. While you are in the session, it is advisable that you turn off all your electronic gadgets and participate in the session with utmost reverence.

6. You shall be guided through the session and its functionalities, by our professional handlers, who will only be referred to as Doctors.

7. If you are carrying or wearing any jewellery which is of Religious significance, it is advisable that the same be deposited in the locker provided to you.

8. No matters of this session in whichever form shall be discussed or displayed or otherwise presented to non-participating members without the prior consent of Organizers.

9. The Soul Seekers community will not be responsible for any physical, spiritual or psychological aberrations which may occur post the session.

10. The notepads provided by the organizers are for personal use, and shall not be exchanged during, after or before the subsequent sessions. Exchange of personal information is strictly prohibited in all and any forms.

February 28th – 4 PM, Modern Living Apartments:

With absolutely no belief in what was about to happen, and as even my mind said that I was just being stupid, here I was. I enter this building which looked no different from any other. At the topmost floor, my destination was Flt number 702. I could see that there were around nine or ten pairs of shoes and sandals outside the door. As per the mail, I received last night, I knocked thrice on the door and awaited it to be answered. After a minute, someone opened the door, and I was guided in.

At a desk adjacent to the door, I was asked my name, identity, and was asked to even show the emails I’d received. Once the verification was done, a middle aged man came to me and introduced himself as the Doctor. Later he handed me a red envelope which consisted a notepad, a pencil, and a silver plated coin, which was The Roku. My phone was politely taken away to be deposited in a safe locker. So was my locket as well.

Then I was given a picture and asked to write down ten things which came to my mind on looking at it. It was the picture of a Ram, with its horns poking into what looked like a small baby, and blood dripping down. The face was blurry. I could only see a large mass of the body, which looked like a Human Baby. On further noticing, I observed that the in the background there was a smoke, a red cloud of smoke, which seemed to make a shape of a pentagon. The whole scene was moonlit. It was a hilly farm, with a Ram carrying a baby across by poking and piercing through the baby’s body. The first things my mind came up were – Violent, Gory, Illogical, Horror and more of similar objectives. I noted them down in my notepad.

The Ouija Ritual Beginnings

Later then, as I was asked to sit in my designated spot, I observed a large board, Ouija board which was placed in the centre. It was almost 10 inches by 10 inches, square structure, around which we were sitting. I counted 9 candidates and the Doctor from earlier. We were handed a small candle by the organizers one by one and were asked to light them and keep them before us. As long as the initial prayers were done, we had to keep staring at the flame of our candle. The ritual had just started. I just kept my focus on the candle before me, as the Doctor started chanting, raising voice every few seconds, in a language I couldn’t understand.

Step One – The Placement of Roku

The Doctor asks us to place our respective Roku’s on the board. The Ouija board for those who don’t know, is a simple square board, with numbers (0-9) and Alphabets (A to Z) inscribed on the edges. In the middle of Ouija board are four options – YES, NO, HELLO and GOODBYE. The Doctors asks us to place our forefinger on the Roku, very gently and allow it a movement whenever.

Step Two – The Vehicle To Doorway

It is in many Occult practices believed that Cats are the doorway to the gateways of hell. Cats as per the folklore are the manifestations of The Devil, who guards the floating Spirits. So, The Doctor brings a Cat to the centre of the board and starts feeding it something which is creamy and white. A small tablet which is not bigger than Crocin is given to us, and the Cat is passed around. Each of us will need to feed it. Once our round is done, the Cat is again placed in the centre. Now, the Doctor grips on to a fistful of hair from its back, and it screaming, plucks it out.

Step Three – Taste of The Hair

The Doctor passes a strand of Cats hair to each of us and asks us to gulp it. From here on the ritual works on mass hysteria. Whatever apprehension I had about doing or not doing things here, dissolve into mass mentality. I pick up the black hair strand, and place it on my tongue, and involuntarily gulp it. There’s a part of the Cat inside me now. All the light sources are covered by cardboard plates, and the candles are the only source of light now.

Step Four – The Chants of Demonic Entrance

The Doctor removes his shirt and his pants. He is sitting now in his underpants, with the Cat in violently trying to escape his grip, as he stares into it for a moment. Then, he throws the Cat away from the Ouija board and starts beating himself. He slaps himself a couple of times and then takes a belt from nearby. He grips the non-buckle side of the belt and hits himself with the buckle side. We are asked not to see him anymore, and instead look deeply into the candle lights. He screams and starts chanting at the top of his voice. We are staring at the candles and no more. After a while, his screams start becoming eerie, and suddenly changes into that of a Woman.

Step Five – The Calling Of The Spirit

The Doctor asks us to look up now. We see, the same person, but his voice now sounds as a middle aged woman. He laughs to reaffirm that. He has attained gender duality I am told. He is now neither man nor woman. He is possessed and yet liberated. The Doctor now sits on his knees and starts waving his hands into blank space. He then approached each of us and Kisses us. Only the lower lip for some reason, and not both the lips. The Doctor returns to the centre to take up the calling one by one. He asks for the first candidate, a man in his early thirties, sitting to my left, to give him the belongings of the deceased.

Step Six – The Madness Of Lights

The Doctor brings up a bowl of a weird looking green concoction and places the watch handed to him by the man. Later, the Doctor in his feminine voice asks us to maintain utter silence, as he can only hear to the spirits in absolute silence. He then leans forward and places his finger on the man’s Roku. And starts chanting again. After about a minute of severe chanting, and dipping the watch in the concoction, the Roku moves. The Roku moves guiding both the Doctor and the Man to the button HELLO. And then it seems that there is an establishment of natural and supernatural established. The lights on our candles suddenly flicker like madness, as the Roku moves again.

Step Seven – My Dad and Me

The Doctor now comes to me. He places a finger onto my Roku and starts chanting the verses which have absolutely no meaning at least to me. I give him my Dad’s bracelet, and he dips it into the concoction. His verses then start to make the Roku move. I can feel the voluntary movement. The silver coin is moving by itself. The coin goes to Hello and stops. Then the Doctor and I, move the coin across the board to form a sentence H-O-W A-R-E  Y-O-U. For which no answer comes. But I can sense my Dad now. I can sense him as if he were sitting right in the room. His smell, his voice hushed up and much more.

He is alive. Or at least not dead. The Roku then later moves across the Board to say W-H-Y. I scribble down the words in my notepad. The conversation is private but the crux of this is, he is questioning why I remain sad. He has given me everything I always needed. Education, Awareness, and a good thought process. Then, why should I be sad? He asks me not to be sad at all. And thus, moves the Roku to Goodbye. Perhaps that’s all he wanted to speak with me. Perhaps that’s all he was concerned about. My well-being and my dad had ensured it even after passing away from the mortal world.

Chapter Three: The Fantasy World Of Teresa Rodriks And The Truth Behind It

Dear Reader,

What you just read in Chapter Two – was all “A Matter Of Fiction”. Yes. It never happened. Teresa Rodricks in 2012 started an Occult group called “Heliopsychs” in Hyderabad. The purpose of this group was to lure people who were under emotional duress and volatility into occult practices under their group. You see, the above Chapter Two is directly taken out from her personal blog, “My Divine Otherworldly Connections – And Other Uses Of Ouija Board”. The now defunct blog, back in 2012, was Teresa’s vehicle to lure readers into her business of making money by promising super natural communication.

It is true that she was an English Teacher, with a brilliant panache for storytelling, back in 2012. But she used her gifts to make quick money under the group “Heliopsychs”. She would write blogs which talked about Occult practices, Satanic infusions, and Supernatural phenomenon, and distribute those links to her students, and friends. And those who were influenced by her writing (such as the above) would approach her for relief. She would charge them an amount ranging from 10,000 to 1 lakh, promising them the undead connect soon. A chance to talk to your loved ones, who have left you, has been something of the greatest desire of mankind.

In 2014, Teresa’s actions and practices were exposed by a student of hers, Maanvi Gupta, who caught her selling Voodoo dolls in the campus to one of her friends. The alert and educated Maanvi Gupta with the help of the vice principal of the college, undertook a secret operation to expose Teresa’s blog and her influence. It took them six months to finally arrive at enough evidence of maleficence, and have her arrested under the charges of cheating and promoting anti-social practices.

The interesting part is, Teresa who is now admitted to a rehabilitation centre in Kukatpalli, still believes that she is falsely accused. She says she can hear her father talk to her every night since that event at Ouija Board. She claims it happened really, and thus when she saw it was real, she converted into a believer of Supernatural. Much like our religions. Some parlour tricks, some extraneous theories, some magical incidents, and we become Teresa in believing anything that comes to us.

The unquenchable desire to become something incredible, in the quickest way possible, has been a vice for humanity since ages past. The purpose of this article was to show you how people can take influence, and sometimes take relief in practices which will only leave you momentarily glorious. We want you the reader to be aware of the world around you. Belief in something superior or a dimension is perhaps harmless and is also useful for harmonious existence. But when you start to infuse material instruments, like Idols, faces, Voodoo dolls, Practices and Witchcraft to these beliefs, just because it helps you give a form to your devotion, then you are doing a disservice to yourself.

You are here, alive, reading this article because you have been gifted the facilities and the faculties to lead a life in a proper and prosperous way. Such gifts, knowledge and intellect, if you are willing to spend on something which is not contributing to the betterment of the world we live in, then perhaps you don’t deserve these gifts. Or perhaps your intellect is in just believing whatever a religious head asks you to believe. Isn’t that what Al Qaida does? Aren’t we just ignorantly listening?

Give it a thought, and I’m sure you will come out with an answer as to whether you are utilizing your gifts in the manner they are meant to be. Until then, a simple saying with the deepest of meanings to help you contemplate.

I am the Universe. And the Universe is in Me.

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