Put Chutney Comes Up With A Hilarious Take On Facebook Profile Pictures

Put Chutney has established itself as a go-to comedy channel with truly smart content and fabulous production quality. Based out of Chennai, they came to the fore with ‘What if Batman was from Chennai‘ video which went on to garner a massive 3 million hits. Since then Put Chutney has from time to time created wonderfully hilarious videos which take a sarcastic take on the society practices. The acting, the script and the technical aspects are of such high standard that you feel as if you are watching a movie.

Their latest offing is a video which goes by ‘ Types of Facebook Profile Pictures – Girls ‘ which shows the different types of display pictures girls these days opt for. Shown from a professional photographer of Facebook profiles, the women he broadly comes across are Hashtagger, the doer of all things, and the picture shy cat profile one. Put Chutney once again delivers an ingenious take on all things Facebook which will leave you in splits.

Watch It Here :