‘To Avoid Beating..Dress Sexy..!’ Says A Turkish Marriage Guide For Women

In an utter nonsensical piece of advice ever given by an official body ever, the Turkish guide for marriages proposes that Women need to beautify themselves to avoid getting beaten up by their husbands. The guide continuous with atrocity when it allows the Turkish to marry with consent from the age of 10.  This marriage guide, titled ‘Marriage and Family Life’ has irked social communal circles all over the country and has invited mass protests. The said book went to solidify the guideline by following it up with this – ‘women should serve their husbands coffee while wearing “flirtatious” outfits’. The guide handed out by former religious affairs department employee Hasan Caliskan, in two districts, drawing the ire of MP Fatma Kaplan Hurriyet, who went to express dismay over such guidance, as she said that the guide considers women as sheep.!

According to Sol International, she said: “My hairs stood on end as I continued to read it. “The book mentions the details of the nuptial night. It mentions ‘the right of sexual exploitation’, obedience to the husband, and it says that ‘the good woman is one who is obedient’, that a woman cannot go out without the knowledge of her husband, and that she must wear flirtatious dresses and try to please her husband when he beats her.


“If I read this book to you, which has been completely built upon the man’s sexual life with expressions in it, such as ‘If you do not abide by these methods, your child will be an imbecile’, ‘If you talk while having sex, your child will be a stutterer’, or ‘The wife must be skillful in domestic work and doing her husband’s work’, you would blush like a tomato.” The 394-page manual was said to have been handed to new couples in the city of Kutahya, and a similar version given out in Pamukkale.

(Source: Independent)