Fans Of The “Road Rash” Game Of The 90’s – Rejoice!! The King Of Road Racing Games Is Returning This Year

Road Rash Becomes Something More Spectacular

Remember those good old days, when you would fire up your Windows 98 PC, and double click on the whackiest game ever built. The game which went by the name Road Rash. Yes, there were games like Mario, Prince, and Dave, but by god, Road Rash was something else. There was a strange kind of satisfaction that we the 90’s kids derived from hitting other bikers on the road. It was barbarous and yet exhilarating. Road Rash bro, was the real thing. With cops, crazy ass drivers, total fuck all weapons (chains, hammers, literally anything) and of course, a race to win. So basically, Road Rash was Fast and Furious on bikes, before Fast and Furious actually happened. And the series expanded to newer versions, allowing for multiplayer things.

Remember, allotting keys on one end to one player, and on the other, to others. The race began, the hits began, and the race turned brutal in a just a few seconds. Still, can’t place the game, can you? Let me help you refresh those Up arrows for acceleration and Space to Hit buttons for you. (Kids of 2000’s, let it be you don’t know. Go play NFS Most Wanted)

But Why Road Rash of Things Really? Why Am I Ranting About It Now?

So, after 14 years, Road Rash is now returning to the gaming world, under a new name, Road Redemption. And the trailer (coming below) looks spectacular. No really, it preserves the soul of brash hitting and rogue elements from the origin games and embeds them in a modern high definition settings. It’s super crazy and super badass, but hey it’s Road Rash. Technically speaking, Road Redemption is a spiritual sequel to Road Rash which had its last version released in 2003. The last we heard of folks from Road Rash was in September 2003, where the last version of it, termed JailBreak came online for PC and Nintendo. This year, and in the next few days, Road Redemption is going to hit the markets, on all platforms, including Windows, iOS and Linux as well. Oh did I mention the release date?

Gamers Pull Up Your Gloves And Wear Them Gear. Twist Your Body And Get That Ass On The Road On October 4th.!!

Road Redemption coming up your lane right up. Thank you very much.! Check it out.