[VoxSpace Life] Full Throttle : A Documentary Feature Which Looks To Celebrate The Biker’s Spirit Of Hyderabad

An Ode To The Biker’s Spirit Of Hyderabad

Remember your first ride? The first time you revved your bike and zoomed through the chill air of the city. The pet name that you gave your bike, and s you would wait for someone, you just talk to your bike. I know I do still. To me, my bike is a human. It knows me, and I do it. That’s the unique relationship that every biker has with his or her bike. A relationship forged through innumerable miles clocked, prospered in times of urgent getaways, and established through time. Ever had that feeling that the bike tells you which turn to take, or brings you home by itself when you find it difficult to drive. Now, see that’s what I’m talking about. Personally, I’ve always felt that we don’t give enough credit to our best mechanical friends. We don’t appreciate the bond with the machine. So, you can imagine my excitement when my friend, Avinash Pothu showed me a campaign which was precisely doing that. That’s the story of Full Throttle, a documentary which tries to celebrate this friendship in the most pious and honest manner.

The Bike Story – Bullets, Enfields, And The Sweet Memories

Full Throttle is a travel documentary film that will showcase the legacy of vintage motorcycles in India and the stories of passionate bikers who keep them running. Thus, five filmmakers and bikers from Hyderabad set out on an exploration and what follows, is a journey into the lives of bikers, custom builders, racers, mechanics and communities which are nothing short of a cult. Thus goes the description of this crowdfunding campaign which wishes to raise a decent amount to bring this one-of-a-kind travel documentary.

As bikers ourselves, we wanted to pay tribute to these wonderful machines and the people behind them. In fact, we always wonder what kind of two strokes we would have if modern technology were applied on them,…have you?? We have finally decided to make a short video, but the stories we came across have inspired us to go the extra mile. We are reaching out to you, the public, so that we could take this mesmerizing travel documentary to a whole new level.

The Manner In Which They Want To Bring Out Their Documentary

Full Throttle is a non-profit initiative meant to immerse you into that forgotten world of two strokes and the true biking culture of India. This film is produced by Raasta TV, a new venture by a group of experienced and creative youngsters. We want to screen these documentaries across major metro cities and also send it to various film festivals. As these valveless beasts are no longer in production, we couldn’t hook any automobile companies to support us. We have set the pricing as low as we could so that we could involve as many people as possible.

Thus, the makers of the documentary feature want to capture the essence of the spirit of Biker’s, and more specifically the vintage bikes of the yore. They protect our legacy of freedom and liberation. And thus they speak of a time and era gone by, where we used to rever our bikes. When states, countries and continents sometimes were crossed and explored on a bike. Do we not then tell their stories. Without further delay head over to the link here and support the cause now. You never know, perhaps these guys could be telling you a story which your bike lived.

The Crowd Funding Link: Full Throttle