The Death Of Hyderabad’s Cross Country Biker Sana Iqbal – They Claim It’s An Accident. She Confessed It’d Be A Murder

The Curious Death Of Sana Iqbal Of Hyderabad

In the early hours of Tuesday, Sana Iqbal, a prominent cross country biker was killed in a car accident. As tributes flew in from across the country to this prominent biker all through the day, just an hour back, we came across a post on social media which claimed one thing clearly. Sana Iqbal knew she was going to die, and held her husband and mother-in-law responsible. The social post shared by Sana Iqbal’s friend, Ramprabhu Duraiswamy, spoke about the emotional turmoil that Sana Iqbal had gone through in the days leading up to her death. This latest development has perplexed those who have already taken the whole incident to be a result of reckless driving. Interestingly the car in which Sana Iqbal met her death, was being driven by her husband, Nadeem (who as per the social post below, was scheming to get rid off of her). Incidentally, Nadeem escaped the accident with mild injuries and a couple of broken ribs.

Events As They Unfolded -- A Timeline Of Sana Iqbal’s Death

November 2015: The Story Of Sana Iqbal -- The Cross Country Campaign

Solo woman bike rider completes all India anti suicide campaign - ANI News

In November 2015, Sana Iqbal earned high social acclaim because of her work in spreading awareness via her ‘anti-suicide’ campaign. The campaign which had her set off on a solo journey across the length and breadth of the country, covering a total distance of a 37,000 Kilometers. She had taken up this challenging cross-country travel, as she had fought depression at that time, and felt the need to spread the awareness about depression and how it could lead up to Suicide.

“It’s a wonderful feeling, and I have covered 38,000 kilometres in India, all the states and union territories. So it’s a fantastic experience. Wherever I went, I met a lot of people who were very helpful, who really wanted to, you know, do something for the betterment of the society. I mean, I just came across a lot of positivity wherever I went,” Sana told ANI after her return in June last year.

Since then, Sana Iqbal has been an inspiration to her several biker and social enthusiasts and has been a torchbearer for cause based awareness programs. “There are two options: one is, we discuss an issue but don’t do anything constructive, only keep pointing out the negativities. The second option is when people choose to correct the wrongs. So that’s exactly what I thought. I love riding. I was interested in it. I thought, if I ride and someone is benefited because of it, then why not,” she said to the press right after completing her campaign.

October 24th, 2017 -- 4 AM: The Death Of Sana Iqbal In A Car Accident


According to the police, Sana and her husband Abdul Nadim were travelling on Outer Ring Road when he lost control of the car and rammed into the median near Narsingi village. Sana suffered serious head injuries and succumbed while being rushed to a hospital. According to other sources, the accident took place on the road between Kali Mandir and Langer Houz.

“The patrol vehicle saw the car later and called the ambulance and shifted her husband to the hospital. A case under section 304 A (causing death by negligence) and 337 (causing hurt by act endangering life) have been registered. The body has been sent to Osmania General Hospital for the autopsy,” Narsingi SI Sudheer Kumar said. 

Thus, an influential social activist lost her life, to sheer negligence. Her death drew tributes and sympathies from across the nation. Earlier today, Riders Association of Triumph posted a message on social media saying “Very sad day for the Indian biking community! 30-year-old Sana Iqbal who just completed 38,000 kms riding a motorcycle to spread awareness about depression and suicide, ironically died in a car accident. She leaves behind a 2-year-old child. She fought her depression 3 years ago at age 27 when she rode her bike to Gujarat on a suicidal mission to be rammed against a truck. The beautiful ride changed her perception of life and instead of killing herself, she spent the last few years spreading awareness against depression and suicide! RIP

October 24th, 2017 -- 02:24 PM: Sana Iqbal’s Accidental Death Is Condemned By Her Friend On Social Media

As events started to unfold, and the whole press and media paid their respects to one of the city’s prominent activists, Sana Iqbal, a post put online by her friend Ramprabhu Duraiswamy gave a whole new perspective to the accident. Or rather the post claimed whatever happened was anything but an accident. The post which attributed Sana Iqbal’s death to be premeditated and considered it a murder follows,

I am writing this message to you and some more people who will be my witness if anything happens to me.
I work in night shifts and by the time I return home the time is 3 am. Nadeem is extremely talented and deserves a round of applause because he successfully scared my mother enough that she is leaving the city and relocating to Chennai so that Nadeem does not harass her anymore, she doesn’t want to have any connections with me as I married a man who was always cheap and would always create a scene on the roads for smallest of things. She helped me to the maximum extent especially when I was pregnant. Read on to know why…

On 25 May 2017, he came to my house at a time when I would be in office to threaten my mom and sister -- at 1:30 in the night. He had always misbehaved and because of that my mom didn’t open the door fearing he would attack and he stood outside the door and was screaming on top of his voice (You can hear a sample of that one hour recording) he threw stones at my house on the 2nd floor to scare my mother and sister. Forcibly I had to go to the police after my shift because he did the same thing thrice at the same hour when I would be in office… while he was doing this drama at my place, he was chatting with me on WhatsApp and didn’t even ask me where I was (I still have those chats).

I went to the police station and filed a complaint PET ID 00636. Took the cops with me to his house and there he convinced the cops to leave him and not take him to the PS as it was an odd hour of the night, as if he shouting at my house at 1:30 am was correct. Nevertheless, I returned without even a warning to him by the cops. After that, he came to my house the next afternoon and kept honking nonstop. As if that was not enough he started sending intimidating messages to me and I kept quiet.

On 6 June -- when My mom went for her holy pilgrimage -- Umrah -- She had left for Umrah on 2 June. My sister had left for Banglore as she had her Military interview which lasts for 7 days and I was alone at home. With a job at such odd hours (In my profession all jobs are like this) I have no place to leave Ali.

On 5 June I left Ali with my maternal aunt before going to the office but Ali didn’t like it. He cried the entire time, didn’t eat, didn’t drink milk and didn’t sleep. For 11 hours. The moment he came to me he cried again and vomited -- you must be thinking that I am a cruel mother and job is more important for me -- Well if a woman doesn’t get any financial help from her husband, what will she do? I have bank transactions where even till last month I gave him money and he used my money in some way or the other. If I don’t earn then how will I pay house rent and what will I feed my son? Nobody is going to give me money. Is Nadeem not supposed to take care of his son? Ali is now two and last week was the first time Nadeem bought a milk bottle for him -- something that cheap also was not brought by the so-called loving father who only sends his pix with his son in groups without playing any role. Is it not time pass?

On 6 June when I went to drop Ali to Nadeem’s house I saw Nadeem going somewhere from the opposite side of the road. Knowing that his mother creates a scene always and is very evil in her approach, I left Ali in front of the door, knocked at the door and came down. I stood for a few seconds and saw that his mother opened the door and picked up Ali, I clicked a picture immediately because I knew she will manipulate later. Then within a minute, I called Nadeem to tell him the same and he started abusing me. I disconnected and went towards my house.

There is only 1 km distance between Nadeem’s and my house. By the time I reached my place, he was already standing in front my house. I was sitting behind my sister on Activa. He saw me, called me dus baap ki aulad and slapped me so hard that my sister lost control of the bike. We didn’t fall somehow. He then pulled me and started slapping me with one hand while he held my hair with another hand. Somehow I managed to save myself and moved aside. My sister also pushed him (any sister would do that). In the hustle bustle, my right thumb got stuck in his mouth and he bit it so hard that it started bleeding profusely. Around 25-30 people gathered. All this while he was calling my mother a Prostitute, calling my sister rand and calling me with every possible disgusting cuss word -- I am sure you can imagine. I don’t have any brother but please tell me, if I had a brother -- what would he do? The torture my mother is going through and cursing herself for not giving birth to a male child -- Is she wrong?

Nadeem’s sister Safa -- has the audacity to msg me that I am lawaris (Orphan) because I don’t have a brother or father. Mind you she is only 17. All of this drama because Nadeem’s mother faked it to him that I left Ali on the road. I know her manipulation and that is why I had clicked her pic with Ali.

15 June is my son’s birthday and he didn’t let me see my son. On one hand, I need money to raise him and if I do that, then I am unable to take care of him. I know if I insist, my mother will be by my side but Nadeem will ensure that she dies of a heart attack. Those three days he came to my house and created a ruckus, my mother was diagnosed with high BP -- 180 (I have the hospital bills for that)

I gave birth to my son despite all the torture Nadeem and his mother had put me through. My family raised Ali and I had been crying the whole day helplessly, stepping into the office washroom and covering my face with more makeup to hide my pain because I wasn’t able to see my son on his birthday. Ali doesn’t know what a birthday is, but I remember everything that happened with me in the hospital two years ago. Even that day I kept waiting for him the entire day and he came 15 hours after my delivery as a guest, left the hospital without even talking to me or looking at my face -- the same man who I wanted even when I was unconscious, as per the nurses.

The reason for this entire message is if I die of a heart attack or brain attack or any sudden thing caused by a shock then please don’t treat it as a natural cause, Nadeem and his mother Anis Ajaz are going to be my murderers. I hope you will find justice for me if I don’t survive this pain.

The Original Post Can Be Found Below:

At the moment of publishing this article, the curious death of Sana Iqbal has officially been recorded as an accident. But with her own text messages now surfacing, the case will ideally see a new set of perspectives. We hope that justice prevails, and no premeditation goes unpunished. RIP Sana Iqbal.

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