[VoxSpace Selects] Bollywood Food Scenes That Will Make You Hungry

Scenes That Give A Taste Of How Indian Emotions Are Best Reflected Through Food

Indians love Bollywood and Indians love food. Thus, it’s not a surprise that these two true love of the people of India often overlap. Bollywood, over the years, has made us go through every human emotion. It has made us laugh, cry, fall in love and sometimes made us feel hungry. Yes, hungry, not just for revenge or power, but legit hunger for food. Whether its an elaborate fare of immaculate looking feast or the quintessential ‘ghar ka khana‘ scene, Bollywood understands our love for food and pays a homage to the same on the screen from time to time. There is something oddly satisfying in seeing food and the emotions related to them being played out on the screen. And frankly, we will never get tired of looking at food on the screen. The immense popularity of culinary shows in India is a testament to that.

Although, there is no dearth of food-related movies in Bollywood, there are also scenes from certain movies that reflect the relationship that we have with food, even though the films themselves did not have a theme related to food. Though most of these scenes had a strong underlying purpose to further the plot of the movie, it was really difficult to concentrate on the real motive of the scene given the delectable food on display. I mean, Raj and Tani partner finally bonding is great, but even that is not enough to make us tear our gaze away from the plates of gol-gappes that they gulp down. Much like, Mumbai being divided between gangsters by Sultan Mirza, pales in comparison to the humongous plate of biryani in the scene.

Here are a few scenes from different movies celebrating the taste of love, friendship or achievements that are sure to make you hungry. A word of caution, keep some munchies handy before hitting play.