[VoxSpace Life] 7 Women Health Myths You Need to Stop Believing In Right Now

Myths About Women’s Health That Had To Be Busted

For ages, we have believed in some or the other health myths. But most of these have no scientific argument to support their claims. So here a few myths you probably believed in that needs to be debunked immediately.

Some Food Help You Get Pregnant

While the specific foods may differ from place to place and culture to culture, one thing remains constant. For ages, we have believed that certain food has the magical capacity to make you more fertile or increase your chances of getting pregnant. Sorry to burst your bubble, but this belief has no roots in science. To increase your chances of getting pregnant the sure shot way is to consult a gynaecologist, maintain a healthy lifestyle and eat healthily.

Cranberry Juice Helps Cure UTI’s

Yes, cranberry juice it tasty but if science is to be believed it does nothing to help you with your Urinary Tract Infection or UTIs. So instead of drinking gallons of cranberry juice to ease out the pelvic pains and burning sensation, be practical and go see a doctor and take proper medication as this is a serious health condition that needs immediate attention. As far as cranberry juice is concerned, drink as much as you want but do not expect it to do anything apart from quenching your thirst.

Eating Low-Fat, Low-Calorie Food Is Healthy, And It Helps You Lose Weight

If you gravitate towards every packet that has low-fat or low-calorie written on it and consider yourself to be a health nut, it is a wake-up call for you. Fat and calories play a certain role and are essential for a balanced diet. Also, ghosting out on fat and calorie might be a quick fix for your weight loss aspirations, but it is not a sustainable solution. There are a plethora of factors that affect your weight. However, it is not to encourage you to gorge every fatty and high-calorie burger in the town, but the idea is to practice a low-calorie, low-fat diet in moderation.

You Don’t Need MultiVitamins

Multivitamins are not for sick people only or people who do not eat a proper diet. It is necessary for the well-being of every human. Our diet can only give us a certain amount of vitamins, as a large amount of it is lost when you prepare the food. And no, munching on raw salads is not the solution. The number of toxins your body produces every day is too much for a proper diet to keep in check. Also, you can never be certain what adulterations even the purest of the food contain in today’s world. So, an extra dose of multivitamins is essential to keep you healthy.

Men Are More Prone To Heart Diseases

Heart diseases are not gender specific, and if you believe they are, this is high time to get rid of those ideas. Heart-related diseases are becoming increasingly common in women as well. Your gender is not an effective shield against it. To lower the chances of heart-related diseases you need to make lifestyle changes. Stay away from smoking, monitor your blood pressure regularly, get exercise and check for diabetes and even then you cannot be too sure. There are too many factors at play when it comes to heart diseases and being a woman is definitely is not one of them.

Women Living Together Tend To Menstruate In Sync

If you have sisters or have lived in hostels or shared apartments, it is common to believe this myth. But many new studies suggest that this is nothing but a case of probability. Most women have 5-7 days’ cycle which increases the probability of a large group of women getting menstruation together, even when they are miles apart. In fact scientist Patricia Barnes-Svarney has published more than two dozen books on the subject. If you are a curious soul, go ahead and read those and debunk this myth once and for all and do not freak out every time your roommate gets her period and you don’t.

You Can Snap Out Of Depression

With an increased discussion about mental health, a clear distinction needs to be made between being sad and being depressed. It is not a phase or someone being over-emotional but a serious health issue that needs proper medical attention. People suffering from depression are going through a tough time and telling them to be strong and snap out of it is as stupid as telling somebody with a broken leg to be strong and start running immediately. It won’t do anything apart from putting more stress on them.