[VoxSpace Life] LoveRollers : Now Here’s A Couch Which Allows For 100 Sex Positions

Indian Citizens & Sex

An interesting fact that I came across recently is that India is the fifth most sexually active country in the world. At the first, I was impressed by my fellow citizens. But, after thinking deeply about it, it actually made feel embarrassed. Let me explain this clearly – So, as a country, we boast of our ancient scriptures, especially the Kamasutra, that has imparted great knowledge on sex and its processes to the entire world. But contrary to it, even till date, it remains a taboo to talk about sex. The moment we utter or see anything related to sex, our default reaction is to ‘cringe’ within and silently escape from that atmosphere. At times like these, I’m not sure whether to be a proud citizen of this great country or just end up facepalming myself in some corner.

But, guess times are changing for the better. Like many of us who feel we should celebrate our sexual lives, Gaurav Singh, an IIT Delhi pass out, too felt that this country needed something exciting. To his and our surprise, there is a $450 million market opportunity in the sexual health and wellness sector that has remained untapped in India. In the year 2016, he came up with ‘LoveRollers’ – a start-up that specializes in stylizing beds that can pull over 100 sexual positions. Yes, you read it right, it’s 100 positions!

The Story Of LoveRoller

Gauran Singh, founder of LoveRoller

The 33-year-old IIT Delhi alumnus was into regular corporate jobs which didn’t excite him much. It did not take him long to figure out where he wanted to prove his creativity. While the entire country was in a rat race to come up with deep technology-driven products, his thought was simple – why couldn’t he try his hand at making relationships deeper.

“I saw how most tech developments focus on deep technology projects like ‘deep thinking’ and ‘deep networking’ but nobody thought towards making a relationship deeper,” he said.

We very ignorantly overlook the fact that, issues that cannot be sorted between a couple in the house, can and are generally sorted once they are in bed. Having a healthy sexual relationship actually caters to a happy and peaceful life. Even though we are shy or embarrassed to talk about it, sex is a basic need and necessity. And that is the area where this smart IITian wanted to tap into. To enhance the experience of lovemaking based on the renowned ancient script, the Kamasutra., Gaurav and his team came up with this ultimate bed. Out of the 250 sexual positions mentioned in the book, this ‘LoveRoller’ bed helps you with at least 100 positions.

The Ultimate Lovemaking bed ‘Curves of Seduction’

Gaurav has done his homework with extensive research, calculations, designing, trials, and testing. He said, even though it might be mass manufactured and standardized, there is a requirement that it should feel right for people of all shapes and sizes.

‘Curves’ Of Seduction Indeed

Named ‘Curves of Seduction’, Gaurav says that extensive research went into the upper and lower arcs that help in the thrusting, during lovemaking. The central part is a crucial aspect of the design as it supports the pelvis by supporting it to tilt upwards. This creative bed not just supports the sexual positions, but also helps women relax during their painful menstruation cycle. The LoveRoller has three designs that have been tested and are ready, while the team is working on coming up with more designs. The standard variant, a mini version of the same and a detachable version for people who don’t want it to be too obvious. And hey, if you think you have no idea about the positions, LoveRoller is not going to leave you hanging after buying their product. The product comes with a guide, which they designed using their research, and will help the consumer explore all the 100 plus positions.

A detachable bed that facilitates to be less conspicuous if you don’t want to be loud about it

Love Goes Corporate

Apart from keeping this as a consumer-centric business, they are tying up with corporate hotels and spas to incorporate this product, especially in the honeymoon suites. Gaurav is leaving no stone unturned when it comes to marketing his product. He is in talks with sexologists to review his product and suggest it to their patients. His bulk deal with a few hotel chains is proof that there is a market that’s welcoming such products.

A pillow designed by LoveRoller to enhance lovemaking

In spite of being the fifth most sexually active country in the world, it is strange that no Indian showed interest to tap into this sector, which is worth millions. This is what made Gaurav Singh look for an opportunity in this industry and he says this is only the beginning. With the global sexual wellness industry expecting to cross $52 billion, Gaurav says that this is only the beginning in India. While their team is constantly working towards adding more innovation to the product, let me try to look up for this product online and explore those positions as well.