[VoxSpace Life] Pick Up Limes By Sadia Badiei : Helping You Nourish The Cells And The Soul

Pick Up Limes -- An Intriguing Attempt To Promote Healthy Living

Disclaimer: We respect everyone’s choices and this is just a humble attempt to present why I choose to take up minimalism and veganism as a concept of living. And the platform that I am going to talk about is what inspired me to choose this path.

I am that kid in the gang who goes bonkers over using plastic straws and littering stuff around. (Yeah, Don’t judge!) I once ended up scolding my friend for throwing a plastic wrapper on the road. I started from ‘How are you contributing to the environment?’ ‘What are you doing?’ and went on to ‘Do you realize the pollution that we are causing?’ so on and so forth. Ironically, one day as I was casually slurping on my chicken soup, this friend sent me a video of a slaughterhouse.

And that video changed everything.  He told me that the animal industry is one of the largest contributors to air and water pollution among others in the world. That was when I started researching about what one can do to actually help reduce pollution and work towards establishing a balance in the eco-system.

As a typical millennial, where do you start your research? Right, the Internet! I went through a lot of blogs and YouTube channels to find the right platform that I can rely on for authentic guidance. Although I am far from being a vegan or leading a perfectly minimalistic life (am trying though!), there’s this one YouTube channel that really helped and continues to inspire me- ‘Pick Up Limes’

Sadia Badiei founded ‘Pick Up Limes‘ in 2016 and has been taking her subscribers through her journey of a plant-based and minimalistic lifestyle ever since. Now, she has a community of more than 1.4 million followers on her YouTube channel and over a million subscribers to her website.

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Mouth Watering Vegan Recipes

I know what you are thinking, Vegan and Taste is not going to co-exist. Hell, No! They will. Sadia consistently puts out videos of vegan recipes on her YouTube channel and you can’t help but feel like trying them immediately. Let me be honest and tell you that all her recipes may not be right for you for all the ingredients may not be available but I managed to try a couple of her recipes (Vegan Nutella, Chocolate and Hazelnut Milkshake Smoothie) and trust me on this, they are delicious. Even if you can’t make exactly what she makes, you will end up getting motivated enough to try different recipes yourself with the vegetables and ingredients available in your vicinity.

VEGAN NUTELLA & CHIA SEED JAM » easy homemade recipes

To all those who are worried about the protein distribution and energy consumption, she’s got you covered. You get a special PDF filled with options to choose for each meal in a day and match your body requirements for it to function to its fullest ability.

There is an entire playlist dedicated to answering the questions regarding veganism, nutrition, health and wellness. Most of her videos comprise content related to prepping meals in an easier and healthier way.

Soothe Your Soul With Tea Time Tuesdays 

‘Pick Up Limes’ is not just about healthy insides. There’s a lot more to it. Sadia makes Tea Time Tuesday videos on her channel where she talks extensively about a lot of things to do with our lifestyle, emotions, the way we see ourselves, managing ego and the like, along with her recipes. She gives a detailed insight into the topic for the day in the most simplistic manner. Her audiobook suggestions need a special mention(The Alchemist, The Happy Pear ).

7 DAYS OF SLOW LIVING » + printable guide

Minimalism is one of the fastest growing trends of the 21st century. It has got innumerable benefits to offer like decluttering which frees your mind from unnecessary baggage, economic aid etc. Along with the above, Pick Up Limes also offers significant guidance about the ways to adapt to minimalism. Another exceptional thing about this channel is that there is no snapping or judging those who don’t follow these lifestyles. There are no videos made on people choosing to live the way they want to. It just talks about what can be done to make your journey smoother and more fruitful. There is no indirect persuasion.

Change The  Way You Live With Pick Up Limes

Pick Up Limes is exactly where you need to go if you are looking at changing the way things are in your life with respect to health, your contribution to the environment and attitude towards life. If you are planning to switch to a plant-based lifestyle or want to just try it out, this is one of the best places to start.

While you do check her channel out, don’t miss her travel vlogs. They are goals! She has made a couple of videos on travelling with fewer possessions owing to her love for minimalism and financial guidance giving tips and tricks to have better and pocket-friendly travel experience.

letting go of our EGO

Hope this article helps in rekindling your love for healthy living. Until next time, Ciao!