[VoxSpace Life] RR Blue Mount : The Crown Jewel Of Loafer Street

Bengaluru’s RR Blue Mount

Bengaluru is an extremely diverse city. You could go to any corner of the city and would be able to find any cuisine you are looking for. The people are always looking for something new and fresh, hence the rise of fusion food joints. These joints are always found in the various food streets that are all around the city. One of the most iconic and most diverse ones is Loafer Street. Every time I have visited this place, there is one spot that I would not miss, RR Blue Mount. It is not only because of the mouth-watering food, but also the warm reception that you get from the amazing couple that runs the place.

The place was started in the early nineties by Mini and Rajendran (prefers to be called Raju). This Malayali couple started this seemingly obscure looking place purely because they loved cooking, and it has absolutely paid off. Almost 25 years later they still have the same enthusiasm and love for the food they make. The thing that sets them apart from most others is the way they combine various cuisines from around the world, with their own signature to it.

Mini still cooks most of the food herself, including the nachos, fresh every day. Most of these dishes are her inventions, one of these is the finger licking Mexican Chaat. This is the show stopper of RR Blue Mount, which is a mouth-watering combination of Nachos, Red beans and cheese. Some of her other inventions include Boat (mincemeat pastry served with garlic bread), Delta (a pizza of sorts) and many more ingeniously conceived dishes.

I came across this place back in college, while exploring Loafer street with my friends, and have never forgotten it to this day. Their customers even include celebrities like Deepika Padukone and Anushka Sharma, because of its close proximity to Mount Carmel College and of course the amazing taste.

PS: Please don’t miss out on their amazing deserts too.