VoxTalks With Ravi Teja Gupta: Preventive Healthcare Is The Need Of The Hour

Introduction To Preventive Healthcare

With the advent of enormous involvement of masses in healthcare, Ravi Teja Gupta, who did his Post Graduation Program in Brand Management from MICA (Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahmedabad) is now on his journey to make his Startup venture Prewento India’s No.1 Healthcare Digital Ecosystem. Promoting preventive healthcare as its main motto, Prewento which started in 2018, is already turning heads. We wanted to know more about it and hence reached out to Prewento to have a quick chat with Ravi Teja and here are the excerpts of the interview.

The name of your company literally suggests what it is about. How did the idea for this name come about? 

The company name should explain what the company is about. This saves a lot of marketing expenses. INFOrmation SYStems short form is Infosys. The same way Preventive short form is Prewento.

What does Prewento offer? What should a customer expect before logging in to your website? 

Appointment booking platform for curated healthcare service providers.

May we have an insight into your background and how you landed up in this business? 

I was working for Asia’s No. 1 Healthcare IT company and studied the industry where I found the gap (opportunity) in the preventive healthcare category.

Everyone seems to be health conscious nowadays. What are the major changes that you have noticed in this market since you started out? 

People are interested in preventive healthcare but they don’t know what exactly is preventive healthcare and what are the categories in preventive healthcare. What are the subcategories in it and who are the best service providers in these categories. This made me build Prewento.

How has the initial experience been? Tell us about the challenges you faced in this journey. 

With a limited budget of my salary savings, getting the work done by the team was a major challenge.

How is the market growth in India and where do you see yourself within 5 years? 

Everyone needs preventive healthcare. As people are becoming health conscious day by day, there is a lot of market growth in India. In 5 years, Prewento will be India’s no.1 Healthcare digital Ecosystem with Professional social media like LinkedIn exclusively for healthcare professionals like Doctors, Job portal exclusively for Healthcare professionals.

How do you keep your subscribers engaged? What more are you planning to offer? 

Building products that have a blue ocean market opportunity with a Freemium business model is the solution.

Tell us about your collaborations and future projects. Is there any interesting project that you took up? If yes, what is it and how has the experience been? 

We have plans of collaboration with Apollo Life team for technology and marketing support. We are in discussions.

What’s your advice to an aspiring entrepreneur? 

Do marketing research before spending even one paisa on a product.

How are you planning to expand Prewento? 

Google Snippets is the goal for the Digital Marketing team and nothing can be a better expansion plan than this.

Finally, What is that one philosophy in your life that you swear by? 

Don’t run behind money, run behind success.