[VoxSpace Life] Notre Dame Burning : The Fire That Caused France To Mourn Its Beloved Landmark

Notre Dame Burned Due To An Accidental Fire

The Notre Dame cathedral, one of the most famous landmarks of Paris, caught fire during a mass. People were quickly evacuated by the security guards present there and there were no lives lost. The fire after an investigation was ruled as accidental. There were about 400 firefighters deployed to the scene and it took about nine hours to extinguish the fire. While the main structure is intact the central spire was destroyed.

The cathedral’s bell towers which were present in Victor Hugo’s tale “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” survived the fire. There were a lot of artifacts stored in the cathedral which were also saved. They are now being held in Louvre for safe keeping.

What’s Happening Now That This Calamity Has Occurred

The President of France Emmanuel Marvin has pledged to restore the cathedral. He started an international fundraiser for it which reached $670 million within its first 24 hours. The reconstruction may take some time due to the fact that the wood used to build the wooden latticework will be difficult to replace as there are no trees big enough to restore the beechwood beams currently in France.

The cathedral took about 200 years and has been around for almost 1000 years. It took the whole of the Gothic era to built. Notre Dame was the first building to have the flying buttress (A type of slanting structure which connects one tower with another). It has dealt with its fair share of vandalism from being destroyed in the 1500s by Huguenots, A reformist branch of the church who believed that the windows were idolatrous and broke them, To having many of its treasures destroyed in the 1700s during the French Revolution. The cathedral has still come out on top and this time will be the same. This cathedral holds a special place in the heart of many French citizens and will continue to do so after its restoration is complete.

Significance Of A Monument To The People

“Paris is disfigured. The city will never be like it was before,” said Philippe, a communications worker in his mid-30s. He was present at the scene of the fire. “It’s a tragedy,” he added. “If you pray, now is the time to pray”. This was the first reaction of the public when they watched the cathedral burn. Another woman on the scene when interviewed said “it’s like watching a person burn”

While people all around the world are devastated because the cathedral is something important to them, they will stand again. We can see this already as after this disaster people are dusting themselves off and jumping head first into the restoration of Notre Dame.

We hold our monuments dear to us due to the fact that they are a source of pride. These monuments have been a constant in our lives. We subconsciously place a lot of weight in them as they are unchanging and give us a lot of comfort in our current fast-paced life. The monuments that we have heard about from our childhood fill us with a sense of national pride. They are a boost to our morale.

In the end, I can say without a doubt that France will endure and come out more beautiful in the face of this tragedy as it has done so many times before and will continue to do so in the future.