[VoxSpace Selects] Game of Thrones Concludes : One Fantastical Vision Of Life

Why The Show Is Not Just Yet Another Fantasy Drama?

Right from the first day of its premiere till today, Game of Thrones has been nothing short of a sensation. The show has successfully built its own army. It has been almost a decade now and still, the final season garnered the characteristically huge attention and the subsequent reception.

With only a few managing to escape the GOT fever, the show was, is and will always be in the hearts of any viewer, such is the impact this epic creation has over its viewers. What makes this magnum opus so special?

Over the years, we have watched countless films and TV shows across various languages which carried the same grandeur and magnanimity. More often than not, we tend to detach ourselves from such movies, as the grandeur somewhere tends to highlight the fact that this is indeed fiction. This is where Game of Thrones stands as an exception.

Somehow, the show has become too personal to us. We feel hurt when Ned Stark is killed, we would have killed Joffrey Baratheon if we had the chance, we all loved Jon Snow, we all despised Cersei Lannister and we all wept when Hodor died as if he was one of us.

Game of Thrones is indeed one of a kind and is so special. But something special doesn’t always have to be new. In fact, we all have faced such epic moments in our lives. Though the scale is different and the show falls under the genre “Fantasy”, there are moments in our real lives where we have gone through or experienced “Game of Thrones” moments! That’s the special aspect of the show, it captures the uncertainty and chaos of our daily lives and throws it back at us wrapped in fictional fantasy.

We All Have Met Jon Snow!

Back in school, we all have that one mate who excels in sports but fails miserably in academics. The Sports teacher praises him, loves him but the guy is hated by all the other teachers. The head of the institution hates him but pretends to love him for the medals and trophies he wins for the school.

This guy is, at times, humiliated by the teachers, mocked because he is unfit when it comes to academics. Then, suddenly we come to know that this guy is actually the son of the local minister or some other big shot or we learn that this guy is actually related to the chairman of the school. The “respect” dynamics shift at once with a few more teachers respecting him and now the toppers of the class will start hating him because it took them years to build the respect they earned from the teachers, but this guy just claimed it in a minute.

We all might have heard of/witnessed the above incident in our lives and if closely watched, the incident is nothing but the whole character arc of Jon Snow.

Imagine, a girl who happens to be the topper is actually in love with this guy, and when the guy’s true identity is revealed, the class teachers instead of treating her as the best, start praising the guy. Will it offend her? Won’t it hit her pride spot and feed her inevitable insecurities? Will she become the “Mad Queen”? Maybe so!

Tormund – The Gentleman

There always exists these gang wars in school and most of us have been a part of those stupid fights and arguments. More often than not, a fight or a dispute arises only because of “Ego” and to settle the dispute we decide to talk and make things clear to someone in the opposite gang. And mostly, the guy we choose won’t be the head of the gang but someone else who is a bit more rational and mature.

The guy will always be with the gang, will indulge in all nasty activities, but he is also a bit more sensible and more than that, he listens. Tormund is one such guy. A wildling by nature, he roams and lives with them, but it is evident that he has a heart of his own. He listens to Jon Snow, and though he is a wildling, he maintains his gentleness with his love, Brienne.

The Savage Mom!

There is always this one guy/girl who is such a pain in the ass, torture, a complete mess. But no matter what he/she does, the mother always backs them up. We try and complain about the kid to the mother and she just shuts us by saying, “I know my kid and criticizing him is none of your business”.

During those agonizing parent-teacher meetings, our parents usually listen patiently to all the complaints the teacher makes about us, staring us occasionally. But these “Savage” Moms never listen. When the teacher starts, “You know? Your son, the other day, did this”, they would raise a hand and say, “If he behaves that way, then it is completely your fault. Stop complaining and start working”. If a teacher hits the kid trying to correct him, the mom would be there in no time and would make a huge scene in the school. We all have admired such mothers. And ironically we despise Cersei Lannister who belongs more or less to the same category.

She is just ruthless when it comes to protecting her kids!

The Awful Littlefingers In Our Family!

Have you ever experienced this? You face a crisis, you share it with some relative of yours, warning them not to share with anyone else, only to realize after a few days that everybody is now aware of the news. Our parents fail to make us obey something and suddenly relative enters the scene. He/she moves us emotionally and manipulates us that we finally end up doing something against our will. Has this happened to you?

Have you met that person who gossips everywhere he/she goes to and eventually creates chaos in that house? The person who secretly creates the havoc also comes as the savior in the end and successfully ends the argument. The person is, more often than not, some relative of ours.

If you have experienced the above situations and if you have met someone like them, brace yourself, there definitely exists a Lord Petyr Baelish a.k.a Littlefinger in your family! Chaos is their ladder!

Hound For Life!

We meet someone and something about them bothers us and without much of an introduction, we start hating them. We hate them so much as if the sole purpose of our life is to despise that person. And life suddenly puts us in a situation where we will have to travel and spend more time with them. Suddenly we realize how sweet a person he/she is.

The above scenario happens so often in our lives. The subconscious feeling of superiority we all own within, somewhere feeds our minds the venomous urge and the ability to judge someone as soon as possible.

We all have judged and abused, spread rumors on someone we hardly know, just because something about them bothers us. It may be their arrogance, their tone, their smell, their dressing or their walk; we hate them so much that we even wish them bad. Arya Stark isn’t an exception. Her relationship with the hound, the arc of it is not something new, but a scenario we so often come across in our lives!

Not only the above, except for the few fantastical elements like the White Walkers and dragons, the core of the show lies in real human issues and emotions. We connect with the characters, we empathize with them. We feel for them because they experience the same we experience. They endure the same we endure every day and they fight the same demons we fight! It genuinely hurts when they fail, because it is more like a personal failure.

We gritted our teeth and clapped so loud when Tyrion slapped Joffrey. We felt moved and experienced Goosebumps when Jon Snow was named “King in the North”. All of us jumped when Arya Stark murdered the Night King. All this happened because we genuinely connect with them. Game of Thrones is epic not because it has these fantastical and never seen before elements. Game of Thrones is a masterpiece because it feels real irrespective of its genre being “Fantasy”.

The show will always be special for this very fact! At least to me!