[VoxSpace Selects] ConFarm – Building The CONsumer-FARmer Connect For A Better World

A Step Towards Improving Ecological Balance

What is a typical Gen Y or Z adult’s vacation point? A beach? Yes! Hill station? Amazing! A farmhouse? Even better! Basically somewhere amidst nature. A lot of trees and fresh organic food is what most of us crave when we have a leisure weekend or are planning to go on a vacation. Now, a very typical question! Almost all of us love being surrounded by trees or natural habitat and fresh air with unaltered food. How many of us contribute towards building such an environment? More than half of the hands go down to this question.

What if we could invest in building a healthy ecology? Getting more precise, what if we could contribute to healthier soil and dietary diversity? CONfarm is providing an opportunity to do exactly that. It’s building a community of enlightened consumers and ecological farmers who are working towards a better ecology.

CONfarm provides an opportunity for enlightened consumers (i.e., those who understand the importance of nature, food, soil) to invest and contribute for the production of various crops in the nearby villages of Zaheerabad in Telangana. These investments are shared with the farmers directly for bearing the farming expenses. As a result, unadulterated and organic produce is provided to consumers. The products are delivered depending on the package you choose once the harvesting season arrives. There is no processing or polishing that the product undergoes. It’s purely organic and is directly provided to the investor without any middlemen involved.

Nourishing The Nature And Going Beyond Organic

CONfarm believes in Ecological farming and describes its products as something beyond organic. What is that now? You may ask. Well, they are not focusing only on not using chemicals. Abiding by the laws of nature i.e., understanding the nature of the soil and nourishing it as and when needed by following traditional and ecological farming techniques is what they mean by going beyond organic.

These farmers and the techniques they apply are supervised and analyzed by the experts from Deccan Development Society promising holistic benefits of ecological farming. Organic farming has been noted as one of the best alternatives for the existing agricultural system. Crop diversity, soil management, weed management, etc. are the main advantages of ecological farming. This, in turn, will help the bearing capacity and the quality of the produce and nourishes nature as an overall result. To have an opportunity to help make this happen is truly something we all need to appreciate and make use of especially in this day and age.

A Helping Hand To The Sisters Of The Land

CONfarm essentially works with small women farmers in the areas nearby Zaheerabad. They believe that women show exceptional care when it comes to producing a crop. From sowing, weeding to harvesting the crops, women pledge to make an effort to nourish the soil in each and every stage of the production. There is a fundamental difference, that has been observed across the cultures, in ways which men and women farmers interact with the mother earth.

Thus we, the enlightened consumers, are bestowed with the benefits of the motherly care employed while farming. Being associated with women farmers also enables them to be financially independent which is the need of the hour. Cleaning, grading, and packaging provide further employment to other women of the area, helping them stand on their feet.

Sow, Weed And Harvest With the Farmers

We, as consumers are provided with the luxury of walking in whenever possible and participate in the process of sowing, weeding and the like along with the farmers. This, I believe, humbles us so much and enlightens us with the effort that’s put in to produce each grain. Along with that, we get to interact with other consumers and participate in consumer forums. Associating with small women farmers also provides an opportunity for us, a comparatively privileged population, to help them become aware of their rights and opportunities.

CONfarm is helping women farmers who produce diverse crops get what they deserve by connecting with the consumers directly and acknowledging the work by conducting forums and workshops. Urban consumers are provided with yearlong produce of nutritious food. All this keeping in mind the laws of nature. This one of a kind community is making a huge effort in saving the soil and nourishing the nature and it does deserve a heads-up and support from consumers who are aware of the benefits of associating with ecological farming.

Please visit this site for more details: ConFarm Initiative