[VoxSpace Selects] The Art Of Parenting A Slow Learner : In Providing Attention And Love

Ability To Learn Slow – A Blessing

Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid. – Albert Einstein

Children with a learning disability are the embodiment of talent which paves a path to learn a concept steadily unlike others. The key player is the methods that enable a child to learn and understand the pattern in a new approach. Learning slow creates an unbiased thought and helps to grasp the subject in a better way. Learning is hard but the method extends its support to them so that the improvement curve is visible.

Anxiety Ruins The Success Rate Of The Child

Yes, most parents become anxious when their children are slow learners in a competitive environment. They think the child is incompetent. The key role holders(parents) should realize that their children need attention to learning the way they require. Each child steps up the ladder, particularly children with learning disability with a vision to achieve what is impossible from their end. Parents feel exhausted with the records their children hold.

Marked Differences Of Slow Learners

Parents should understand that the child will face challenges in reaching developmental milestones at a slower pace. Slow learners face concentration issues that hamper their learning process. They could get distracted with any sort of disturbances around. They will not be able to concentrate beyond a span of time, say 5 minutes to 7 minutes and they require a change of activity. Children with learning disability encounter various other challenges like getting along with a group, peers where they will have to show that they are on par with others. The most distinctive characteristic of a slow learner is, they never show keenness to learn new concepts, so they hide.

Children who learn slow and with learning disability are under one class. There is no distinction amongst them. Parents have to encourage them to perform their activities instead of discouraging their children. Especially mothers are real supporters and guide to help the child in whatever they do.  Using different methods of teaching will enhance the child’s growth, though he /she is not on par with their peers. Parents have to instill confidence in the child. Slow learners quickly get upset over their failure. It’s important to ensure the child is constantly given appreciation even for a small achievement. The motivation encourages him/ her to push themselves forward to achieve more.

Methods To Teach Slow Learners To Reach Primary Goals – A Parental Approach

  • Patience plays a key role in training children.
  • Never point at them and say you are a slow learner. Instead, give attention to make them understand concepts.
  • Children are capable to understand prompts, so help them visualize and strengthen their memory.
  • Involve in activities that enable the child to perform at his or her best.

As they are less aware of their potential, it is the duty of the parent to make them understand their strengths. Parents are the right people who can assess the child in various methods to bring the best of the child.

Identify different methods that suit the child to learn at a faster pace. For Example, Kinesthetic Method or Tactile Method(learning with movement, touch, and feel) helps children to remember concepts at ease. Auditory Method (listening capacity) Few children are good at listening and applying concepts. Children with good auditory capacity may not show interest in other methods of learning. Visualization is an easy method to recollect the learned concepts.

The Mountain Of Scope To Succeed As Parents Of Slow Learners

In the competitive world, children go in and out to identify their potential, but a  slow learner is seen as a special one wherever the child goes. Though the child has potential, he/ she faces difficulty to exhibit it. The scope of success is seen as a rock step at the time of evaluating as a parent. At the same time, the child also undergoes difficulty. Slow learners are mountaineers, who struggle to attain their goal. As awareness has reached the nook and corner, parents need to take the necessary steps to help their children in all odd ways. Though children receive guidance from teachers at school, parents are the real motivators and guide for their child’s success.

Achievement of slow learners or learning disabled is viewed with high regard, as they have crossed the mountain with difficulty. Bringing up a slow learner is not easy, but it is possible. Parents are the adjusters i.e., a clock that helps us know the right time. They have to mold their children with patience and guide them to learn in a best-suited manner. So that they achieve their goal at ease. Slow learners have the capability to succeed at par with their peers at their own pace.