[VoxSpace Exclusive] Student Protests In NLIU, Bhopal : A Demand For Transparency In Examinations

Half Of The 4th Year Class Fail The Examinations At NLIU – Suspicion Starts

After months of hard work (sometimes year), mock tests, coaching classes, students are finally able to clear the Common Law Aptitude Test, CLAT to reach a college that they think will give wings to their dream of giving justice, the dream of becoming a lawyer. But, the dream shatters completely when they put their step into the college. The problem in NLIU Bhopal, the 4th best law college in the country, is much more severe than just curfew timings.

One of the prime reasons that triggered the protests this year was not due to the tight rules but, a no-so-rational professor who failed half of the 4th year class in the criminal law subject.

“However, when a certain student’s marks were increased after the paper was shown and before the result was released, a case of personal bias was realized. No student’s marks can be increased before the re-evaluation process.” says a 4th-year student.

Multiple instances of rampant corruption, sexism, castism, moral policing, and lack of financial transparency have made the student body lose confidence in the oppressive rule that has subsisted for a decade now.

The New Age Satyagraha Against The Despotic Regime

Thus, in a raging protest that has continued for four days now, students of NLIU have demanded the immediate resignation of the director, Prof. (Dr.) S. S. Singh. Fed up with the tyrannical practices and despotic regime that the inefficient and corrupt director has perpetuated, the students have decided to sit out for an indefinite protest.

Undeniably, the college has come to a standstill because of the student body’s new age Satyagraha. The faculty seems as unresponsive as the director. “Some fear to lose their jobs, some are just waiting for their retirement,” says a final year student.

“Tum jaisi ladkiyan apni sharam izzat bech ke aati hain”, (Girls like you, sell their respect and shame before coming here) a female student was told by Prof. S. S. Singh.

In a show of blatant sexism and moral policing, the director called the student in question to his office to malign her character based on her clothing in front of three other male members of the administration, even going as far to make her sign an undertaking to wear “decent” clothing! Additionally, the Administration threatened to suspend the student, going as far as to put pressure on the warden regarding the student’s clothing to prevent media involvement.

Administration Vs The Student Body – Examinations Gone All Wrong

Because of such incidents as stated above, the entire female population of the student body has lost confidence in the Administration and faculty, who not only fails to protect them from sexism and discrimination, but itself is the perpetrator.

If sexism and casteism weren’t enough, the Director has, in various instances, refused to give medical leave on the basic humanitarian grounds. The Administration didn’t accept to accommodate students suffering from ailments, multiple fractures, and other medical conditions, even refusing to provide a stretcher for a student so that she could attend class.

Furthermore, when the director was approached for a medical exemption, he alleged that her reports were fabricated and said, “aap rote raho, mai yahi baitha rahunga” (you can keep crying, I’m going to stay here itself), resulting in the student being unable to give her exams.

Prof. (Dr.) S. S. Singh’s attitude has been nothing but brutal and malevolent while dealing with other issues of the students as well. Other than a general apathy and insensitivity, he has been openly antagonistic, using his position of power to get away without any consequences.

It’s high time for the student body to stand for any kind of injustice. After all, these are some of the brightest minds in the country. After the relentless preparation, they do to get in a college like NLIU, revolting for basic rights isn’t what they really deserve. The unanimous and uncompromising demand of the students is the immediate and unconditional resignation of the director.