‘University Of Hyderabad’ (UoH) True Online Confessions: We Are Much More Than Just Angry Protests

Apart From Protests And Debates, This Is What Life In UOH Actually Is

You might have known about the University of Hyderabad because of the Rohith Vemula’ death and the subsequent protests, but for us peeps who lived, breathed and nurtured ourselves surrounded by this lush greenery and cornucopia of intriguing creatures, UOH is an experience that is difficult to put into words. Here are a few confessions sourced from the UOH confessions page on Facebook that will give you a sneak peek inside the boundaries of campus.

Thou heartless girl in the blue top! Don’t worry dude, one day she will ask for a lift from you. The campus is too large to walk, till then be the ‘good samaritan’ and take other people from Shopcom to the library or South Campus. They will bless your soul

”In a casual manner, I was heading towards Social Science building on my bike. I choose to take a shortcut by turning right in between Shop-com and Birthday circle. And, there you were in a blue top walking with two of your friends. Suddenly you asked for a lift and almost in a reflexive act, I stopped with my heart beating fast.But then you requested me to take one of your friends to the library. Undoubtedly I was confused and disappointed too but took your friend to the library. But I was expecting you to come with me and will wait for it to happen.”

I don’t care how, but if you can come up with a concoction made with ingredients from our hostel mess into something edible, you are wasting your talent. Sign up for Masterchef already, will ya?

In mess, I mix chai, coffee powder and milk. I call the resulting solution “broth”
Does anyone else do that? If yes what do you call it?

Dude, there are already too many scary stories floating around in the campus. You had to add to the list?

So I am basically head over heels with my girlfriend and I talk to her all the time. My roommate is a nerd, you know, studious and awkward… sleeps before 11, gets up early, always has a book with him.. basically a nerd. Now he has a problem with me talking on the phone in the room so I have to go on the roof from around 8 pm to 1 am, that’s when my girlfriends start to doze off.

Now there’s this guy, apparently in a very similar situation. He appears to be talking on the phone like me, except that he never utters a word. Keeps roaming but never says a word. He has this phone glued to his temple, sometimes the light comes on but I have never heard a single sound from him. It is so strange, I don’t even know his face but have run into him like 50-60 times so far and never heard him reply anything to the person on the other end of the line. His girlfriend/mother/ghost-spirit must be very talkative and this guy must be a really good listener… but not a single sound? that’s weird right? even if you’re listening to a monologue you often have to acknowledge from time to time… stupid creepy dude. Now I am kind of scared of him, don’t know why but I am positively scared when I see his shadowy figure

anyone else run into this guy?

And that’s how legendary UOH love stories start

Dear Queen of love,
I gave you lift on my bike to south campus. What I expected from you is just “thanks” and I was prepared to tell you “it’s my pleasure”. Now that you have seen into my eyes and asked something with a silvery voice, I become out of control. you stole my heart. My eyes want to see you, My ears want to hear you. I am glad that you didn’t touch me. Make me stable with your presence and please give me my heart back to me with a temple of you in that.
cute, sweet MBA.

Relatable much. Do we always have one of those in our lives?

This is about a professor.
Dear teacher,
With due respect (since you stand on that other side of the class), your voice is not ‘musical’ (as u demand it to be); it is kind of authoritative, parentish – but here’s the thing, you are not our parent and we are not your 12-year-olds. Please lose that tone, it irritates, especially when you say ‘I’ll come back to it” but you actually never do.

Mushy and romantic. Now that’s a real UOH man for you.

You are really pretty, whenever I look at your eyes I lose my self there, I forget everything in this world. The last couple of years were awesome when you were my classmate. I really like you, but I do not know it is love or some other thing. It was a fantastic farewell night dancing with you. I do not know whether I’ll meet you again or not. Take care sweetheart honey. Bye.

Ouch. That was a little too vicious bro. Proctor board, are you listening?

Dear mss @~@k#@ a***#,
Please shut up at times. It is irritating to hear your voice over and over again.
also, stop stalking me.you make me feel horrible.Sometime around might actually punch you in the face. Do not know how you manage to smile with the number of cavities you got. It will not take long before your teeth start to fall out.

Love blossoms right when you are about to leave the campus. Always! Damn you UOH!

H****A R***Y… Please don’t leave the campus. You are an idiot, a stupid and a fool that you couldn’t understand till now that I like you! Stop listening to Clapton and listen to me for change.

A girl you know.

Campus would be so dull without these ‘Papa ki Pari’ types. You got to admit that.

Dear Miss Absorbance,
We acknowledge that you have a great body. Yes, you are very pretty, we never disputed that and never will. We like it when you giggle and say stupid things. We admire you for your unique personality even.

But please try to understand that that’s no excuse to treat people like shit. We are not interested in flirting with you or worse, bedding you. Sorry, no. We are nice to you only because we were taught to be polite. Is it too much to expect the same from you?

Yes, we understand that you were spoilt and pampered all your life and that made you think less of everyone around you.But please try to learn to treat people with a modicum of respect: by not insulting them whenever you please.

Thank You.

That’s the best life lesson you will learn in this 2600 acres of greenery and pure freedom

All my life I was trying to fit in with the people around me….
but uoh taught me that the only way to get good frnds is to
laugh like a seal…
sing like a hungry walrus…
walk around like pregnant penguin going for labour…
wear whatever you find in your wardrobe and call it epic style…
shout at the top of your voice and dont give a damn to what others think….
what i mean is be urself and trust me…
uoh will find a group just for you…