[VoxSpace Selects] Game Of Thrones S8EP5 Spoiler Review :The Bells

A Glorious Whimper

The penultimate episode of Game of Thrones just aired and it’s a mess. It breaks my heart to see a show as subversive and dense, ending in such a predictable and boring fashion. Everything I thought would happen, happens. Literally everything, there wasn’t one surprise.

A Predictable Betrayal

Miguel Sapochnik is back at the director’s chair, so I knew there was going to be war. Don’t get me wrong, the show still looks amazing and the technical aspects of the show are still top-notch. It’s just the writing, the lack of George RR Martin’s expertise really shows. The show seems to be in a hurry to just end, and in the process close all the arcs clumsily. The show starts with Jon arriving and Tyrion ratting out Varys. Obviously, Daenerys burns him alive. The war begins, it’s going well for Dany and team. They even surrender, but Dany for no reason starts burning down King’s Landing and the people in it. I understand that it has been building up to this moment, but it just seemed so inorganic in the way it played out.

The Boring Cleganebowl

In the B plotline, Arya and the hound are trying to assassinate Cersei. But their plan goes to shit due to Daenerys burning down the whole city. The hound asks Arya to retreat and he goes on to fight his brother The Mountain. The Clegane bowl ensues and ends with them both dying. Jamie sneaks in and has to get through Euron to get to the Red Keep. He somehow manages to kill the fiercest warrior in the kingdom with a single working hand. He finally meets his sister and they die in the ensuing chaos embracing each other.  Finally, Arya finds her purpose in all of the bloodshed and begins her journey to do so.

A Shell Of Its Former Self

See, I am not angry at any of the decisions the show-runners have taken here. They make sense from a character Arc perspective. It’s just that they seem so inorganic and forced. I feel like these individual moments needed more space for them to feel organic. Now the show feels like the writers have written themselves into a corner and are trying to somehow fight their way out of it, by leaning more on the spectacle of it all.

I Hope They Prove Me Wrong

In conclusion, this was a beautiful looking episode filled with predictable, inorganic supposedly poignant moments. It has become a shell of its former self. My guess is that Arya is going to kill Daenerys, fulfilling her prophesy. Jon is going to be the unwilling hero to rule the seven kingdoms, and that would be a sad ending to an amazing story people have invested in for almost a decade. I wish the show proves me wrong, but my hopes aren’t high.