[The SnakeCharmer Becomes A Pirate] The Bagpipes And Cello Recreation Of Pirates Theme Music Is Pure Magic

Pirates Of The Carribean Soundtrack

A Pirate’s life for me.! That’s the tune we are all swayed by at the moment. The swashbuckling Disney theme parked blockbuster movie franchise Pirates Of Carribean, had it’s the latest instalment come out recently – Dead Men Tell No Tales. One thing that has been characteristic of the franchise is the swaying flamboyant theme music of Captain Jack Sparrow which is hailed as one of the best musical arrangements for a feature film ever. And we’ve got the musical genius of Hans Zimmer to thank for it.

The original soundtracks of the four movies that came out in the franchise (The Curse of Black Pearl, Dead Man’s Chest, At World’s End and Stranger Tides) have been cult classics to anyone who is even remotely an admirer of the instrumental symphonies. Arrangments like “Jack Sparrow” “Hoist The Flags” “Drink Me Up Hearties” and Of course “He’s A Pirate” have become the benchmark for voyeuristic exuberance in music for all the time to come.

Bagpiper Recreation Of Pirates Theme By The Snake Charmer

Now as the Pirates Of The Carribean theme is so spectacular, it has caught the fascination of artists and musicians across the globe. Symphonies and concerts, remixes and recreations all become a norm for the Hans Zimmer set piece. And therein comes our artist for the purpose of this article, The Snake Charmer. For those who are yet to acquaint yourself with this artist, let us give you a quick introduction. Archy Jay, India’s first Bagpipe Artist, creates her works under the moniker, The Snake Charmer.

Most of us might remember the lady from the wonderful recreation of Thunderstruck and Game Of Thrones on her bagpipes. And she has just escalated her magical notes to a whole level with The Pirates Of Carribean theme recreation, in association with Cello inputs from Avery Waite. If she’s not on your list of highly promising indie artists, you are missing out on a great many things in life. Never too late to fall in love with her works, like the one following right below…


The Mentioned Works Of Archy Jay aka The Snake Charmer below for your soulful bliss:

And Of course The Game of Thrones version comes out as all sorts of voodoo:

We’ve become superlative admirers of her work, and hope she comes up with even greater creations in coming time.

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