Little Things By FilterCopy Captures Those Sweet Nothings We Often Forget

Filtercopy which has marked its niche, in regularly producing wonderfully well-brewed content, is back with a new offing. This time with a web series revolving around a couple, Dhruv & Kavya who are just living their life. There is no drama about, no far-reaching consequences, the web series is just about life. And that’s what makes it special. The trailer shows us Dhruv ( Dhruv Sehgal ) and Kavya ( Mithila Palkar ) going about their life with sweet nothings and witty anecdotes. The trailer of Little Things promises a slice of life experience, and that’s certainly needed in today’s age of chaotic and sometimes confusing web series all around. Dhruv and Mithila, the native elements of FilterCopy for a long time now, exude brilliance in their chemistry and a warmth in their heart. The pair of immensely popular, Annoying things boyfriends do, are surely in their element and look to establish themselves.


Thus, Little Things is something everyone should check out and probably await its arrival.