Why YouTube WebSeries Little Things Is Our Generation’s Seinfeld..!

Your hand fits in mine like it’s made just for me
But bear this mind it was meant to be
And I’m joining up the dots with the freckles on your cheeks
And it all makes sense to me

Wondering what this is? These are the opening lines of the hit ‘One Direction’ track which goes by the name ‘Little Things’. This article is not really about this track, though. It’s more about the relevance it has with the recently concluded Indian YouTube web series of the same name. ‘Little Things’ by Dice Media and Filtercopy and brilliantly directed by Ajay Bhuyan, has captured the imagination of viewers all over the world, with its earnestness and palpable honesty. It drew the curtains on its first season a couple of days back. It was A Show About Nothing. Heard that somewhere? Yup, that was what 90’s comedy cult classic Seinfeld was all about. It was an experiment back then, and it’s still a bold step now. We live in an era of Netflix, where every series has a story beyond its reach, of innovatively made YouTube presentations which revolve around one base concept, or spine chilling documentaries per taste etc. And here comes along a 5-episode series which revolves just as aptly around “Little Things”. And it succeeds gloriously in its efforts. If anything, the lack of any premise works magically well for this series. Thus, we try to break it down and see what we could, as to its winning formula.

The Brilliance In Writing :

Writing a story, kind of, is an easy task ( even I do that ). Not writing a story is also technically easy. But then, writing a story sans a story is a truly tough practice in itself. The writer in question here is Dhruv Sehgal ( also acting as one of the leads ), pulls off a task not many can attempt and get away with. From sharp, witty conversations ( I particularly like the ever so relatable one in Episode 2 – Do you all Delhi people sound the same? the leading lady Kavya asks ), to handling simple and fragile moments of understanding, which could’ve easily turn awkward and upsetting, ( for example when Kavya tells Dhruv that she’s getting bored of everything in the season finale, he takes it in his stride without ever getting melodramatic about it ). Isn’t that all life is? Simple decisions. Simpler moments. And Dhruv Sehgal pulls off the script, sprinkling these moments all through, with perfect poise. Surely, this guy is going places.

Spontaneity In Acting :

You know something great is happening on screen, when you see a couple, so in sync with each other, that it’s magical. For those who don’t know, Dhruv Sehgal and Mithila Palkar already enjoy a huge fan base owing to their wonderful couple videos ( below the article ). To bring a consistent innocence and yet show something new about them, in terms of character arcs, personal shenanigans and interpersonal dynamics. Everything about them is endearing to watch. Mithila Palkar, individually a greatly gifted actress who’s made her mark in various other web series, always manages to bring a different gravitas to her role. Dhruv Sehgal, on the other hand, becomes a great direction anchor to her electric screen presence. Between the two of them, they’ve practically owned the new age YouTube presentations. Hopefully, we’ll get to see them again soon.

Music And ArtWork :

It’s very rare when you go through the comments below the videos, and see people enquire about the music used and where to get them. That’s what has perhaps made Little Things really stand out. Writing, Acting have always been the essential cogs, but what really drives home is the use of music here. Peppy, Uplifting, subtly refreshing, the guitar acoustics which we hear all through, have been provided by Neel Adhikari is arguably the best out there. Keep an eye out for this music man here, Ladies and Gentlemen. You’ll be hearing more about him in a very short time to come. Be rest assured. Of course, none of these factors work, when you don’t have someone to package it properly. To the doodles drawn by Kavya, to the meaningful poetic sketches shown in the season finale, everything is perfectly done. The credit here goes to Sidhant Gandhi. Colorful, stylish and thoroughly thought provoking, he makes the series Little Things a huge deal after all.

And as you can see, our love for the series won’t subside anytime soon. Suffice it to say that we are eagerly awaiting the return of Dhruv and Kavu ( Kavya ) into our lives again. With many more Little Things to talk about.

Oh, before we go, here are some Little Things of Mithila and Dhruv from before the series. Trust me. They are fabulous.