Varun Pruthi Videos Are All The Happiness You Want This Diwali

Varun Pruthi’s is social media’s superhero and if you haven’t come across his works, you basically are losing out on many good things in life. Varun, an actor by profession and an humanitarian by passion, has gained immense repute over social media networks, through his simple, subtle and true social experiment videos. A California trained Actor, Model and Dancer, Varun forayed into Bollywood with Shah Rukh Khan starrer Happy New Year. yet, his biggest claim to popularity lay in his heart touching humanitarian videos. As Martin Luther King Jr once said “An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity”. Varun Pruthi is an ideal for the saying and has time and again proved this point through his videos.

In the latest set of videos, Varun Pruthi has taken up the subject of concern – Diwali. The first video, speaks for the criminal waste of money that we so appallingly support over the name of festival of lights. Varun Pruthi stands as commoner who starts lighting up bundles of notes on road. A concerned passerby looks at him and confronts him. What happens next will make you realise the true meaning of Diwali.

As any festival is, Diwali also stands for spreading happiness all around us. And what better way of doing so than to join groups of kids in unblemished revelry. And such happiness is worth more than any shimmering light in the world. Varun Pruthi did what was both inspiration and incredibly jouyous to watch. Have a look :

The spreading happiness through a simple statement he always maintains by ‘God Sent Me For You’ got reinstated when Varun Pruthi met this old woman by the pavement. The old woman was selling berries under scorching sun, and Varun approached her as a any regular customer would. What happened next will make you smile inadvertently at the goodness around us. All we need to do is, listen to the hearts beating and speak to them, across class, region and state. Varun Pruthi is not a humanitarian because he is helping the needy. It’s because he is awakening us to what each of us are capable of. True, Not All Superheroes Not Wear Capes. Some just have a warm heart to beat for you and a will to do what is right.

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Bringing Humanity Back.