The First Trailer Of SpiderMan : Homecoming Is Here And Its Awesome..!!

Right from the time when Marel decided to reboot the whole Spider-Man franchise, as soon as they forged an agreement with Sony/Columbia, it was always going to be epic. The expectations went sky high, as we saw Tom Holland just slide into the role of SpiderMan in Captain America: Civil War earlier this year. With witty comebacks, web-slinging actions, the masked motor mouth, literally gave Deadpool a run for his money in the cameo he had. 2017, of course, would see him in a full-length feature by name SpiderMan: Homecoming. With Marvel heroes dropping in to lend awesomeness to their newest Avenger, the first full-length trailer dropped din today at Jimmy Kimmel live. And it’s super exciting.

So without further ado, let’s watch it,