[VoxSpace Life] Sunny Leone Or Exploitative Porn, You Choose

Sunny Leone Did Porn, We Enjoyed It. That Was Her Job, What’s The Hullaballoo About?

Every time Sunny Leone comes out with an item song or features in a movie, you can be assured that the search for her name in porn sites will see a spike. This is not something that I am speaking out of the blue. Pornhub is one of the biggest porn sites out there and in its “2017 Year in Review,” it notes that Sunny Leone’s name has been the most popular search term in India for three years in a row. This is fine; really I have no problem with this, as long as people understand what Sunny Leone was a part of, how that industry actually functions and also that watching a porn featuring Sunny Leone does her no harm.

There is no moral stigma here; everybody watches porn. It is the universal truth. For most of the people, it starts with a friend, a misadventure or the general curiosity and it’s natural. Like the generations that came before me and the ones that will come after me, each and every one will have a story of how they stumbled upon porn. The problem starts when we look at the porn that has been acquired by nefarious means; for example, nonconsensual videos, intimate videos that leaked out or the ones that have one of the participants participating in it trusting the promise that the recording will get deleted soon after the act or will never be shown to anyone else. These videos are despicable and those dealing with it should be appropriately punished.

However, there are videos out there, which are created by willing participants within an organized industry that has a million dollar valuation and are meant for adult consumption. Karanjit Kaur was a part of that industry and no matter what the circumstances was, (this I say keeping in mind that her TV series is doing the rounds) that industry did not label her as a “slut” or “whore.” It was when she came to India, the entire sanskaar ruckus started.  She was an adult entertainer and she was quite good at it. Also, as an aside, it is all a part of the entire package. If her orgasms appeared real or her breasts appeared titillating, it was also because she had an entire team working behind her – all to create a fantasy that would give the audience a good “alone” time.

That Blowjob Might Be Just A Boring Woman In A Studio Room

While a casual look over the arrays of categorised options in the pornographic sites may give you the feeling that these men and woman are sexual deviants with a singular purpose in mind, the reality is, perhaps, far from the truth. When you watch a “good” porn, it is expected that you are focussed on the action at hand but haven’t you ever wondered how the lighting is so perfect? How is there a narrative to set pieces, however ridiculous that may be? How does one get to see the most gratifying angles and how is the moment prior to orgasm always so bloody perfect?  It’s because these people are giving you a performance. They are standing somewhere with a guy holding an expensive camera, a sound-guy taking the clips and sometimes adding the sound effects that are created from everyday stuff. For example, the sound of the “thud” – which happens every time the female performer is wet and the guy is just hammering it in – can be, and is often, emulated by hitting a plunger on the hand in post-production. Similarly, the sound of a good blow job is replicated in a sound studio, with a woman dubbing it while keeping the tempo with small slaps on her wrist or it’s a guy in a studio taking shampoo out of a bottle.

Sorry, to burst your childhood dreams. Porn is actually nothing but a good performance and porn stars, I am afraid are no horny monsters. They just take it as a job, yawn a bit if the other person is boring and get on with it; just like you do on your Monday mornings. It’s just that they are naked and their sex organs work overtime.

Porn With Plausible Storylines

Also, nowadays porn has become like European movies. Here’s a description of one of their trailers:

“Highway Home’ tells the story of a young woman, Lily (Kimber Woods), who fled home after a harrowing altercation between her stepfather and stepbrother. After five years on the road trying to find herself, Lily decides to travel home to make amends with her estranged mother. On the journey home, Lily meets a couple of troublemaking travellers (Arya Fae and Jenna Sativa) who help her get to her destination safely.”

You can watch the trailer up on YouTube and yes, it’s an SFW trailer (although I would suggest not playing it in front of the boss).

They also have their awards with titles, such as “Best Amateur/Pro-Am Movie”, “Best Art Direction”, “Best Marketing Campaign – Individual Project”, “Best Non-Sex Performance” and “Clever Title of the Year. Every year, they come together for the award ceremonies that cater to them and celebrate the best performances.

But That’s Better Than Being A Part Of This Debauchery

Recently, a scene from “Sacred Games” is doing the rounds in the pornographic sites, in the name of porn. For a brief while, the 8-year-old Kathua victim’s name trended on the porn sites. These are the mere highlights. Every year, thousands of private videos, videos of rapes, videos of people with normal lives make their way onto the Internet, which leaves a devastating effect on their lives. If we, as a nation, should have a problem with porn; it should be about these videos and not Sunny Leone’s porn. Porn is the most widely available commodities on the Internet and at the same time, it is the most misconstrued one. While everyone watches it, we have a difficult time talking about it. Also, let me remind you that India is one of the largest consumers of porn.

I am not playing the devil’s advocate here but if a person is not watching a porn that is exploitive in nature and understands the fact that porn is a fantasy, we are good for the time being. No one has ever stopped watching porn because an article told them to but, hopefully, this article can drive home the point that there needs to be an open dialogue on porn and, maybe I am being overly ambitious, on the adult industry as well. Porn is everywhere. However, if we are going to watch it, we should, like any other thing, have a reality check on it and make sure that we are watching the stuff that isn’t a result of someone’s exploitation.