[VoxSpace Selects] Punyakoti : World’s First Sanskrit 2-D Animated Film Needs Your Help To Come On Screen

Passing Over The Gift Of Punyakoti 

Ravishankar is a full-time employee with Infosys and he feels that he owes something to the society. He wants to fulfil that by giving the next generation of kids the story of Punyakoti, an extract from the epic Mahabharat. He is an expert in creating content for kids and has over 20 years of experience in the same. Punyakoti is the first crowdsourced attempt to make a full length 2D animated film in Sanskrit. It is an innovative experiment in Indian cinema. The story is based on a popular and beloved folksong from South India. The music for this movie is given by the legendary music composer Ilaiyaraaja.

Animators from across the world have come together to make this dream project possible. Several big names from the industry like Infosys Director Mohandas Pai, veteran actress Revathi, music maestro Ilaiyaraja, national award-winning editor Manoj Kannath and renowned puppeteers Anupama & Vidyashankar Hoskere are associated with the project.

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What Is The Film About?

Punyakoti is a folksong prevalent in South India, about an honest cow. The plot is set in Karunadu and revolves around a cow that speaks the truth at all times. One day, Punyakoti is attacked by a tiger in the forest. However, she begs him to let her go feed her calf and promises to return. Punyakoti feeds her calf and as promised, returns to the tiger, to be eaten. The tiger, moved by her courage and honesty, lets her go, never to disturb any of the cows again!

Why The Story Of Punyakoti?

Punyakoti is based on an episode from the epic Mahabharata and is prevalent as a folk song in South India. The messages of leading a life of integrity against all odds and living in harmony with nature are very relevant for our times.

What Is Unique About This Project?

The project is a coming together of a consortium of talented people from film, media and IT fields, to bring home the greatness of the mother of all Indo-Germanic languages, Sanskrit.

We are fortunate to be supported by some of the best talents in the industry. Most of the team members in the core team have been pioneers of the Indian Animation Industry when it took shape 20 years back.

Accomplished actor and director, Revathi is the voice of Punyakoti. Roger Narayan, the Hollywood actor, has given the voice for Kaalinga, Punyakoti’s master. Prof. SR Leela, who lent her voice for Neena Gupta, as Draupadi in GV Iyer’s Sanskrit classic Bhagwad Gita, will supervise the dubbing. Prof. Leela has over 40 years of experience in Sanskrit Drama and Literature and is an accomplished filmmaker herself. Anupama Hosakere and Vidyashankar Hosakere – who have been reviving traditional Puppetry and exponents of traditional storytelling in Sanskrit and folk traditions are also supporting the project. The editor of the movie, Manoj Kannoth is a National Award winner.

About The Creator

Hello, I am Ravishankar, a multimedia expert with over 20 years of experience in making content for children. I am also presently employed with Infosys. I am doing a unique experiment in Indian cinema – the first crowdsourced and crowdfunded animated movie in Sanskrit, based on a beloved folksong called Punyakoti.

What motivated me to do a project like this? 

God has been kind to me and has given me everything. I want to use this life for a purpose, more than just plain survival. I have chosen Punyakoti as a means of self-expression to tell the story of living in harmony with nature.

Is there a greater purpose this project aims to achieve? 

The movie brings home the message of living a life of integrity and living in harmony with nature in an entertaining fashion. I hope to take this universal message across the world through this effort.

Why crowdfunding?

We owe Punyakoti to the coming generation. Punyakoti will introduce the world’s first context-free language to our coming generation. Sanskrit develops cognitivism in kids. The message of speaking the truth and living in harmony with nature is more relevant now than ever.

What are the risks and challenges associated with the project?

Finding the right talent and like-minded people for this effort and tracking the entire project through the internet is a challenge. I am making this movie while I am still pursuing a corporate career with Infosys. I and my family have made great sacrifices in the last one year to bring this project to this stage. The team that is contributing to the project are accomplished professionals and are doing this out of passion. We are all self-driven. Working as a team from different parts of the world without the motivations of money requires great commitment.

Why should you believe me and why should you fund this project?

In spite of many difficulties, I have been able to complete the animation and bring the project to post-production. Many industry veterans have put their faith in me and have supported this project. The completion of Punyakoti is my lifetime dream as well. Go ahead show it all the love it deserves by contributing here..