This Sharp Observation Of GOT Season 10 Finale Debunks The “Varys Teleportation” Theory..!!

So, we are done with the Season 6 of Game Of Thrones, in a power packed finale which had so many things going for it that it got a little too much to stick to a timeline here. Now we are ofcourse talking about the ” Varys ” movement in the last few moments of the episode.  We see the Master planner in Dorne hatching an alliance with the Martells and Tyrells in one moment, and in the sweeping final fleet shot of the episode, see him on the dock, along with Danny, Tyrion and Missandei, looking pretty pepped up to take over Westeros. Now that clearly messed up the timelines, and theories which pointed to Varys being a Teleporter ( courtesy some Red God sorcery ) came about and started to make sense. But then Reddit would have none of it, as they debunked the theory by the following theory with snapshots affirming the same, and thus proving his movement.


Now accordingly, the scenes at Dorne had unfolded after Cersie’s Wildfire Blast and Before Danny’s famous ” Friendzoning” Daario. Courtesy Varys, the Martells and Tyrells have by the end of the episode joined forces and declared war against Cersei. How you ask? look at the following snapshots of ships –

A. House Martell  (Insignia)  



B. House Tyrell


C. House GreyJoy



As is clear from the snaps, Varys hadn’t teleported magically. It was pretty much many days later that he arrived with the Martell and Tyrell fleet and joined them in the brigade of Greyjoy and Danny’s fleet. Hence this is how the latest team standings look like :

  1. King In The North : House Stark/Targaryen – Northern support + House of Arryn (the Vale) + House of Tully (Riverlands)
  2. Danny And Dragons : House Targaryen – House Martell (Dorne) + House Tyrell (The Reach) + House of Greyjoy (Ironborns) + Unsullied + Dothrakis + Essos
  3. Cersie Lannister : House Lannister = House Frey (remnants) and that’s it.
  4. THE WHITE WALKERS….simple..!!

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