When Is The Right Time To Get Married: The Confusion Of Every Bachelor Living In A Metropolitan City?

The Strangeness In My Mind – And All The Reasons There From:

When exactly in life do you reach to a point, where you comprehend that it’s time to get married? It might sound as one of those cliché dialogues of Bollywood but hell yeah, I have been trying to figure out this but I have failed to inestimable times. To kill my inquisitiveness, I have asked this question to my family, friends, people on the bus, under-aged married couples, divorced aunties and even widowed uncles. The more responses I have got, the more complicated it gets.

To give you a clear picture who I am; I am a 25-year-old average looking guy living in a metropolitan city with a profession you wouldn’t take interest in. I have friends around me who live in relationships – singles, committed, multiple partners, gay and lesbians. I see all kinds of love around me. Did love hit me at any time? Yes, multiple times, with different people and severe heart breaks.

One night, my ex-girlfriend post breakup asked, “Give me five reasons why you want to get married?”. I couldn’t figure out a single reason (although, sex was on my mind but isn’t that overrated?). She insisted, and I tried solid, only to find out that only thing I love in my life is food. So, I said “Food”, she answered in the most feministic tone “You need a maid, not a bride”. I was tight-lipped. We never discussed wedding after that.

My Master’s fellow friend, Akbar Ali Khan who is about 35-year-old and never married told us over the Gyan chai session “Wedding is for woman and Marriage is for the man”.  We all laughed at the declaration he made, but now I realize that it made so much intellectual sense. I do not want to invite my relatives or any acquaintances just for the sake of eating food in my marriage (That’s what happens in typical Indian matrimonies). I want to marry in obverse of my family and friends who care for my happiness. Which means that about 30-40 important people of my life. In fact, I will ask all my friends to get their own food and chill at my wedding. Judging me already? That’s how I picture my big day (if it at all is a big day).

Married? Imaginarium Impossibilia – Get The Drift?

Whenever I think of a wedding, the only picture I get in my mind is sharing my room with the girl. My room is a mess. My clothes, socks and half of the wears, practically live on my oversized bed. I keep my underwear in my wardrobe’s locker because that’s the only easy place to find things when I must rush for office in 15 minutes. But then again, when I think of it, I laugh at myself, (who keep the underwear in the locker?). One messy afternoon when I was sleeping on the pile of garments in my bed, my sister gave me a scorned sarcastic smile and said: “Why don’t you get married, at least you will get a clean room.” With her rational reasoning, which she spilt, I looked at her without any expression and she left the room saying ‘Die alone’.

I am a person who does 9 hours of shift, and one-hour of deadly training at the gym. When I come home after a long day from the office, I do not want any human interaction except food. I can’t tolerate people. I get into the anti-human mode being for that half an hour. My mother knows that and I am sure my imminent wife wouldn’t tolerate that. I often go out directly from the office to hang out with friends and I can’t envision her calling and telling me “I will wait for you on dinner.” I will shrink inside the earth with the guilt of making her wait. Marriage seems to be a blurred line crushing my independence. Well, the same applies to her as well but I am busy right now in listing my own priorities and concerns.

 And Thus The Happy Realisations:

I recognize a lot of things change when you get married. You step into a dissimilar world. After the wedding relatives leave, friends leave, family leaves and then the test flinches. The regulations start, the compromises, share, fights, kisses, cuddles, misery, financial issues, ego matters and what not? Am I ready for this? I do not know. I have been trying to find out this answer. In the process, I have quizzed married couples. I have even locked myself in a hotel room in an unknown city but nothing has driven.  The more I dive in, the more I get jumbled.

But, I am sure, one morning, I will feel this is the time. The day I get that mental precision, I will call up my mother and say ‘I am ready’ and bid adieu to my super stirring bachelors’ life for the path I haven’t travelled, yet.

(PS : Ranbir Kapoor has nothing to do with the article…But we just used his Gifs..Like whatever..!!)