[VoxSpace Life] InkTober 2017: Hyderabad’s Instagrammers Slay The Fest

The InkTober Challenge – 31 Days 31 Drawings

The air has started to get a bit colder as October comes to an end, and with this comes the end of InkTober 2017.  Started by Mr Jake Park way back in 2009, InkTober is a challenge for artists to fill the 31 days of October with 31 drawings. Every year InkTober releases the Official InkTober Prompt List with 31 themes; one theme to be drawn each day. And with the release of this year’s Prompt List artists on Instagram took to create beautiful art for all of October. When it comes to being on point with the latest Instagram trends, the Instagrammers of Hyderabad never stay behind. The artists in Hyderabad have given us an artsy treat. Here are two amazing artists who have covered all the 31 themes.

Abhishek Dhar (Instagram Handle: @abhishades)

The computer science engineer from Chattisgarh who has now made Hyderabad his abode for over a year had always wanted to explore arts and designing. Upon getting a positive feedback on his art from his audience in Banglore, this year Abhishek took to making the best of InkTober

Sketching is easy he says, but telling a story that touches our soul, now that’s where the challenge comes in.

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A post shared by Abhishek Dhar (@abhishades) on

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Fatima H (Instagram Handle: @about.blank)

This biotechnologist reads a ton of books, marvels over the infinite galaxies spinning around us, and pours her heart out in her art and writings. She has her own way of looking at the world which totally reflects in her art. That’s the reason we love artists so much. Here’s the best of Fatima’s InkTober.

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While these two Instagrammers finished the 31-day challenge, a few more amazing artists from the city have put up art worth our attention.

Sagarika Paaleti (Instagram Handle: @youniwerse )

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Karthik Abhiram (Instagram Handle: @dailymoviesketch)

Poulomi M (Instagram Handle: @po.z.here)

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because who doesn’t like Jughead!?

With such a wonderful InkTober this year, we definitely can’t wait for October next year. Till then, don’t forget to keep an eye out for these amazing artists from Hyderabad.