[VoxSpace Life] The Cure For Insomnia : These Simple Life Hacks Will Make Bring A Definitive Change

Insomnia Is Serious, Let These Simple Hacks Help You

We have all witnessed it – sleepless nights. We have just lied down on the bed, as the minutes turned into hours in the night, without a clue as to what to do! Sometimes, it happens for one night or two, and sometimes it goes on for months, even if you do not have insomnia. All our parents have given us some ideas to deal with the problem, to fall asleep. Some of us have counted 1 to 100 backwards and forward, while some of us have tried picturing some scenario that would calm our brains. We have learned some neat tricks for those evil sleepless nights. However, this article is aimed at those who are now struggling with the problem and searching the web frantically in the hope to find some solution. Here are some smart things you can do instead of just staring at the ceiling when you can’t sleep. The old ones, who have already adopted several ways, you can also try these things, if you haven’t already.

Pick One Thing And Focus On That

You see it might not be that easy, considering the fact that you are just lying down and there are several tensions in your life, at the workplace, with parents etc. However, just try to focus on a single thing, like imagine you are filling a chest with all your thoughts. You may choose to focus on your breath or repeat a calming mantra in your head. It will help your mind to relax and eventually you will fall asleep.

Pretend To Be Tired

Does it sound odd? Well, it’s not. We can fool our brains this way. Just try to think that you are exhausted and then try to remember how it feels to be tired, like the room darkening, eyes drooping or just the feeling of sinking into your bed after a long day of work. Before you realise it, you might just start experiencing all these and in turn, fall asleep.

Control The Heat. Or Cold.

You can’t control the temperature of your body, but you can do that with your room. If you are feeling too cold, put off the fan or get a blanket. If you are feeling too hot, simply get the stand fan closer to your face or adjust the temperature of you’re accordingly. As they say, the perfect sleeping temperature is 67 degrees Fahrenheit, well just go for it and see.

Read Something

Remember how we used to feel sleepy as soon as we used to sit to study in the childhood? Well, do just that. Start reading. There are several books that experts recommend to help you with your sleep. Try to read them. Just dim the light enough to read comfortably and delve into the pages. You don’t have to like it or remember it, just read until you feel sleepy.


Music has a healing power. We have heard this. Several therapists use music to calm their patients’ minds. You can surely try that. Put the headphones in your ears and play something soothing. Here also, you can find several instrumental tunes, recommended by experts to help people fall asleep. Just don’t listen to anything loud.

Too Silent?

Sometimes the silence makes us unnerving, and that’s what keeps us awake in the night. There are several white noise apps available for both iOS and Android users. You can choose from various options. It may come handy in one of those nights.

Stretch Your Body

To do this, you don’t have to get out of your bed. You can just put your legs up against the wall and calm your central nervous system. You can also try the happy baby pose (just search on Google for an image) to relax your entire body. Alternatively, you can also do some light leg and arm movements and some back exercise to release excess tension.