[VoxSpace Life] Being Ecosexual – What It Takes To Save Planet Earth

 I Am An Ecosexual- A Tree Hugger, An Air Whisperer And An Animal Cuddler

I have recently been dodging the ‘when will you get married?’ the question with a starkingly creative reply. It being how I’d rather marry a tree and produce beautiful plant babies who unlike their ungrateful human counterparts will sustain me with their food and love in old age. And while for some aunties and uncles it is “back answering”; for some who identify, a witty reply; and for the rest of the world some stupid made up story to get their views, I do actually live and breathe as a tree hugger, an air whisperer and an animal cuddler. Scorn all that you may but I – thanks to the community that gave my love for nature a name and my orientation towards it a vocabulary – am an ecosexual.

The Origin Of The Term And Community

Ecosexual, which is not just a wit word decorating my Tinder bio, is a group and a community of people who identify themselves as lovers and seducers of nature. The term that was unfortunately conceived as an attention seeker for a number of dating bios in the early 2000s started some sort of (r)evolution in 2008 when activist and performance artist couple Annie Sprinkle and Elizabeth Stephens of the bay area began officiating eco weddings. Their aim, as they say, was to reiterate and remodel our love for earth- a mother, to earth- a lover. For, the mother, like our human ones, might still forgive if we mistreat her, but we fuck up with a lover and she’d leave. And so, since it’s inception and conception, thanks to Stephens and Sprinkle, there have been numerous events bringing together ecosexuals from all spheres of life. The latest being the Ecosexual bathhouse, a part of Sydney’s LiveWorks Festival of experimental art.

Never Mind The Scorn

The scale for ecosexuals, like Kinsey scale, may, on one hand, be about people who use sustainable sex products; condoms, lubes and all. On the other, it could be about those who walk naked in the rain; hike a trail, stripping all the way; roll in the mud or bathe under a waterfall till they orgasm. The ecosex manifesto devised by Stephens and Sprinkle talks of us, as people, who shamelessly hug trees, seduce earth with our feet, erotically sing to streams. And the day I read about a Google data claiming over 1 lakh ecosexuals living as such, I couldn’t identify lesser with the love and longing that I feel for nature, whenever I’m back in the senseless city.

The orientation, while I believe may raise a lot of eyes, invite a lot of sighs, is of a big relevance in the sustainable community. Imagine if we could love and take care of nature just like we’d do so for someone we love, only nature has anyway been forever sustaining and nurturing us all so unconditionally. Unlike any other relationship, where the survival of one will depend on the other; ours on the nature and the nature’s, on the way we treat it; and yet there’d be only one side inducing toxicity to it. So if we work on that one side, that is ours, we are promised a prolonged relationship, one that will take care of us forever.

Mind The Orgy


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Ecosexuality, that is by origin a polyamorous orientation, pollen-amorous, as some call it, can have most of us be in a relationship with more than one being: a human lover, a tree, the moon, an ocean, the sun even; all at once. And that too with no complications, lest the human lover is a toxic one. So imagine,

our human lover and nature lover, both love us side by side

as we spend a night

under a myriad of stars,

a little fire glowing beside,

waves gushing against the rocks,

setting the music all right and the sand smearing our skins,

I wonder, in this romance, this orgy, where is all the fight.

And therefore, I promise to love, honour, and cherish you Earth, until death brings us closer, together forever.