Before The Flood Is Leonardo DiCaprio’s Sincere Attempt To Save Environment

What does one do when climate changes get out of hand? What happens when we start running out of crude oil deposits and leave all but an empty vacuum within the Earth’s womb. New reports of horrifying hurricanes and life devastating geographical shifts, all have a basal reason. Humanity. Leonardo Dicaprio’s ‘Before The Flood’ tries to find an answer in these sudden and nightmarish reality that Humanity finds itself in.

Helmed by Oscar-winning The Cove director Fisher Stevens, ‘Before The Flood’ shows DiCaprio speaking to world leaders and leading scientists trying to realistically quantify the effect of environmental changes. With NatGeo channel funding the whole documentary and some high-profile inclusions over it, ‘Before The Flood’ becomes a necessary watch perhaps even more so than The Inconvenient Truth made some years ago. DiCaprio, an anointed UN Messenger Of Peace, takes a stand that effects us all. DiCaprio and with him the documentary traverses from India, to China, Canada and Miami and many other places, operating on ground zero, and answering that one important question. How can Humanity make it? With a heart in the right place, ‘Before The Flood’ is an important step in making a change.

Watch The Entire Documentary Here :