[VoxSpace Selects] TransVision : India’s First Transgender Conceived Channel Which Is Out To Educate The Society On Acceptance

TransVision – The Visual Medium To Act As A Voice Of Change

In this world of incessant judgement, and illogical derivations, there comes a time when we need to educate ourselves. You see, most of us are comfortable living in the cocoon of assumptions or notions that we have towards the society we live in. We assume that our knowledge, which we get from corrupt sources like Social Media, Television or Newspapers, is pure and perfect. More often than not, that’s the biggest mistake we do. Education and learning shouldn’t just stop at a point in time. Our minds are capable of understanding even the most complex of thought processes, and yet we hardly make the effort to understand something different. In this context, we are talking about the taboo topic of Transgender existence in our society.

And if ever there was a part of the society, which has been horribly misunderstood over the ages then, it is this section of people, termed collectively as Transgenders. We have notions, assumptions, hearsay pointers about Transgender population, that it becomes a pitiable state of affairs to understand them. Thankfully though, today, we came across a campaign which stands for something innovative, which is bound to change the way we understand the coexistence of Transgender community. The campaign which goes by the name ‘TransVision’, primes a motto of educating every section of the society about their lives and the issues they face.

It is in this respect, that the campaign is an important and welcome change to all the YouTube content existing online. TransVision is not just restricted to bringing awareness to a specific region or language. But, ends up addressing a wider reach of the social acceptance phenomenon, which slowly coming into the picture. Therefore, TransVision becomes an important vehicle for societal change.

What Is TransVision – The Minds Behind It And The Ideology

TransVision is a YouTube channel envisioned and conceived by Rachana Mudraboyina, a noted transgender activist from Hyderabad.  Thus goes the introduction about this channel, which plans to produce and bring out web series in three languages across the nation. The idea which it’s working on is that via the web series, the issues concerning Transgender community are to come out. As a visual medium is the best form of communication, TransVision plans to bring their ideology out in the form of web series, in Telugu, Kannada and Urdu. Also, the channel has already brought out three episodes under the Telugu production of web series by the name, Aaa Eee Anjali. The Kannada and Urdu counterparts are being called Akshara Jahnavi and Alif Soniya respectively.

The main idea of TransVision, in this campaign, is to bring in a collective growth of resources and awareness at the same time. As the campaign agenda goes, it says “We chose to reach out to the masses through crowdfunding not just for the funding, but also to involve everyone in this to a greater extent. We believe that by opening up and allowing more people to be a part of this project we will have greater success with initiating dialogue and creating awareness. The trans community is largely made of working-class individuals and we’ve all pooled in our resources to bring this project to this stage. Now we need everyone else to pitch in and help us reach the finish line”.

The Words Of Rachana Mudraboyina In Explaining The Project

“Most of us only understand or are aware of only two genders in this world, “man” and “woman”. But, gender is much broader than that, it is a way of feeling, expressing and being. So, why shouldn’t transgender individuals enjoy the same rights and privileges that the rest of us do? One of the reasons for the consistent stigma and discrimination towards transgender community is not challenging the myths and misconceptions with regards to the community in society? There is a lot of misinformation which is consistently floating around, that increases the stigma already prevailing in the society about the trans community.

So the aim of this web-series is to dispel the misconceptions around the manner in which the transgender community is perceived. It is a journey of scientific discovery and accurate information with Transvision – India’s first Transgender conceived channel producing content written and directed by transgendered individuals,” Rachana explains the conceptualization behind this web series.

Therefore, it becomes imperative to consider this project as a driving force towards social upliftment. Be sure to visit the campaign and contribute to a larger cause of change.

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