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Sex Robots And The Simulation Of False Intimacy (Rape)

Human beings are supposedly social animals; they dote on contact, love and companionship. However, in the modern world finding a partner, who will love you, is, perhaps, hard to come by. Yes, things seem relatively easy these days. All you need is a right swipe on a dating app or an emoji response to convey the emotion. Then again when have things been how they seem? This has raised a new group of individuals, who are seeking for companionship; something that doesn’t lead to rejection by the other party and people are looking for this love or companionship now with robots.

Falling in love with robots may sound incredulous but the nitty-gritty of it is actually simple -- you choose your robot partner, pay the price and there, you have it. While this might be of some help to those who battle social anxiety issues, there is a darker side to this story. Before, we delve into that, without sounding crass; there is one aspect of companionship that can’t be ignored i.e. a sexual bonding. Now, there was a time where one would get sex dolls as a prank gift on one’s bachelor party and laugh about it. There is no denying the fact that people actually bought it for less prankish reasons.

Now, with robotics taking a leap and more lifelike robots being minted out of the factory, we have sex robots. Yes, they are exactly what they sound like --

A professional service or a relationship on fire, they can tell you a joke, smile back at you and men can go down on them. Now, if you are with me still after digesting the fact that sex robots are not something of a novelty and is being actually opted for by many individuals across the globe as a regular mean, we should start talking about the bizarre.

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The Price Of A Normal Relationship -- Turn Of A Dial Robot Mode

In normal relationships, when things get, let’s say, a little bit down on the sack, counsellors suggest you spice things up by trying new things. Now, with sex robots, the new things are even more bizarre. For example, a company allows you to buy a sex robot that comes along with a setting that allows you to simulate rape. The firm actually defended its stance saying that the setting was only to make the robot respond in a rigid way, which could be constituted as reserved and required an added impetus.

Let’s move over to Samantha, a lifelike robot that needed to be taken off a show because she, a robot mind it, was severely groped and violated. Now, since she was on a public display we could question morality but what happens if a robot is bought and then it happens in the privacy of someone’s closed doors? Maybe, we wouldn’t bat an eyelid because that’s okay. It’s a robot.

However, when we are dismissing it, the dynamics are slowly changing. How? This is how – there are brothels in certain European countries that are looking into having these sex robots on their roster, and companies, with lists of clientele who want sex robots for themselves. Now, there aren’t any laws yet on how you should behave with a robot, although, science fiction, if it can be trusted, says that we really should have some in place.

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The Predatory Practice Of Affection On A Robot

So, if a sexual predator takes a robot, made into the likeness of his victim and stimulates rapes it behind closed doors, we shouldn’t be worried, or if a company decides to make robots that look like kids and people can buy them and do what they want in their own privacy shouldn’t be worrying us at all. Is that it?

I know, the thought of this makes you a tad bit nauseous, but let’s extend the possibilities a bit further. Imagine after one person has grown accustomed to torturing a sex robot sexually, decides to have a human partner, what would be his expectation of that human partner?

Maybe I should stop right there because the idea is preposterous and I have been pandering about it in the wrong way. However, just a food for thought, a few years ago we didn’t know what AI was or that there could be sex robots, but now there are here. This is a time, where rapes are no longer isolated incidents but a prevailing shameful repetition day in and day out, this is a time where humanity often comes across sexual assault incidents that make us question where we have sunk. This is a time where we should walk cautiously on how much it would cost to make reparations of our callousness in the future.

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Being A Robot -- The Sex Dolls To Serve

There have been incidents such as these -- a Canadian man was arrested for processing a child sex robot which he imported from a Japanese company called Harumi Designs; The owner of Lumidolls bordello, a brothel which opened in Barcelona and has sex dolls in their portfolio said to The Daily Star that “Some customers prefer the service because they have a rape fantasy” and “in this market there are lots of suppliers that sell dolls that look like children.” While they said that they condone the act, the premise of the institution’s existence is on “with Lumidolls, customers can perform any of their sexual fantasies they do not dare to do with a woman.

There have been several moral debates and arguments on the rise of sex robots and what they could do to the society. While some have lobbied for them, several have also spoken vehemently against their usage or advocated that policymakers should take a look at the matter. Professor Noel Sharkey of Foundation for Responsible Robotics did put it aptly on a conversation with BBC. He said,

We do need policymakers to look at it and the general public to decide what is acceptable and permissible. We need to think as a society what we want to do about it. I don’t know the answers -- I am just asking the questions.