[VoxSpace Life] The Dark Truth Of The Effect Of Parental Pressure On Kids

The Effect Of Family Environment On A Kid

Ambitious modern-day parents are pushing their kids to achieve impossible aims which lead to dangerous results. There’s a huge amount of pressure on teenagers to succeed at school, college and on the field – from their teachers, parents, and the competition amongst themselves. As parents, they want the best for their kids, and yet it’s surprisingly easy to put heaps of pressure on them. That’s why it’s important to know when you’re being supportive or demanding.

A happy family environment is a bare necessity for the healthy growth and development of a child. Education and academics in India have been the traditional focal points of stress and pressure faced by the students. The pressure faced by children to excel in their studies has been extremely high.

Extreme pressure damages a child’s self-esteem and can lead to severe consequences, which could also include depression, stress, causing headaches, stomach aches, neck-aches, lack of sleep, and even anxiety attacks. When students don’t meet their parents’ expectations, it creates a sense of worthlessness and disappointment in oneself.

Parental pressure is as real today as it has always been. Students these days suffer a lot of stress, with excessive competition rising and performance being measured throughout. And to add to it, they face extreme consequences when their own parents put pressure on them- that stress can affect one a lot.

Comparison Of Subjects And Peer Pressure

At present, every parent wants to see their child to be a grown and successful person at the end of the day, successful- whether they achieve their dreams or not. Mostly a child’s own dream is left aside and not considered as he or she is forced to fulfil a wish or dream of their own parents.  But, in the end, parents do not realise that they’re indirectly leading their child to their grave, by forcing them to achieve something that they’re totally not interested in.  With the excess growth in competition, every parent wants their child to be an Engineer or a Doctor.., well, these are the only two fields in Indian education which is considered to be the ‘Best’ for the student.  And somewhere, in all of this, students that are in the field of Arts, are defined to be students of Failure.

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Science and Arts, both have their own significances and should be given their due importance to keep a balance in societies. Where the former focuses on developing technical skills, the latter enhances soft skills, creative thinking among individuals. None can take the place of the other and both will continue to contribute positively towards the progression of economies.

Here Is A Case Of An Engineering Student Ending His Life

A fifth-semester engineering student of BMS College committed suicide by hanging himself, R Harish (21-year-old), was staying with his family in Arunachalam Street. It is said Harish was tense about his examination that was scheduled next month. Hence, with extreme pressure faced by him, Harish thought it was much easier to end his life.

Well, Harish is not the only student that ended his life due to extreme pressure, every day nearly 1 student ends his life because of pressure.

Parental Pressure - Ad Film (PSA)

Students that choose Arts are always looked down upon,  in Indian society it is considered to be something that doesn’t have a standard or class, choosing to study arts defines you to be a person who ‘ has no future’.

Choosing Science, Commerce or Arts doesn’t define what the students capable of. Well, being an Arts student myself,  I always get questioned on, will I have a job at the end of the day,  will I be successful,  or will I just have to depend on my parents my entire life for choosing the field I wanted? Honestly,  I feel at the end of the day, I will not have the regret in me, that would be me trying to question  myself, ‘ What if I had chosen what I wanted.. or what if it worked out..?’