Paradise Biryani, Karachi Bakery And Niloufer Cafe : A History of Iconic Food Outlets in Hyderabad

Hyderabad, The City With A Rich Food History

The pearl city Hyderabad (also known historically as Bhagyanagaram- named after the princess Bhagmathi of Nizam Dynasty) is greatly admired for its rich culture and long history. Food is an inherent part of the Hyderabadi culture and with the advent of various regional people, it has evolved over time. Hyderabad also has the credit of retaining the originality of Nizami cuisine but also adding desi flavours as time passed by. VoxSpace brings to you the history of those select iconic food outlets, namely the trinity of Paradise Biryani, Karachi Bakery and Niloufer Cafe, which continue to rule the twin cities with great ease and getting better as years pass by!

Karachi Bakery:

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Hyderabad is well admired for its diverse influence and their food is something to die for. The unique techniques used in cooking, culinary arts and stylish presentation has long roots in baking as well. Karachi Bakery is one such iconic franchise which has admirers all over the world for their trademark fruit biscuits- the taste which can never be found in any other bakery or place!

The owner of Karachi Bakery, Karamchand Ramnani, has Sindh origins, who migrated to Hyderabad after the partition of India. He established the first-ever outlet in the celebrated Mozhamjahi Market in Hyderabad and never looked back.

As years pass by, Karachi Bakery adapts to new trends of pastries, rolls but also retaining their original taste in the form of delicious fruit biscuits, crispy rusks and of course don’t forget to try the cashew laden biscuits as well!  It is indeed a revelation to know that Karachi Bakery does vegetarian biscuits which reach higher realms of the audience.  The most brilliant aspect of the fruit biscuits made in Karachi Bakery is- they are low in sugar and appeal to even diabetic patients.  These biscuits go amazingly well with a cup of Irani chai. Karachi Bakery also has the credit of retaining their own version of Osmania biscuits – the darling snacking dish for Hyderabadis, especially in cafes.

Isn’t it wonderful to see the good effects on Hyderabad, as a result of the historic partition incident?

Paradise Biryani:

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Every foodie would inherently think of the term- biryani, whenever the name Hyderabad is uttered. Hyderbadis proudly say that they have mastered the art of preparing the biryani, which goes back to Nizami roots.  The art of slow cooking vegetable/chicken/mutton base gravy with ghee laden basmati rice and lots of spices is something crafted by Hyderabadis alone. This art of amazing biryani passed like a legacy for generations to come, and Paradise Biryani has succeeded to bring it to a larger section of the audience.

It is interesting to note that Paradise Biryani started off as a cinema place and a café back in 1953- almost the same year when Karachi Bakery was opened. After a decade of success, a 100 seater hotel was constructed, in the same place which served a wide range of biryanis, kebabs and Hyderabadi desserts like Qubani Ka Meetha and Double Ka Meetha – the power-packed duo of the Pearl City!

In the year 1978, Paradise Biryani witnessed a major change when Hemati took ownership of the place and decided to renovate it to suit the contemporary audience of that age. Paradise also had a wide chain of bakeries and their baked items are something to yearn for. Let it be the freshly baked bread, the crispily fried roles to Dilkush – Paradise serves it all. Paradise is also famous for their delicious preparation of faluda in various flavours, which is the best thing to relish in the scorching summer!

No matter how many biryani chains come over around the world, Paradise Biryani is an unmatched competitor in crafting the delicious biryani for their customers.  They continue to expand their branches, not just all over India, but also around the world. Many celebrities often laud Paradise Biryani and make it a point to visit this place whenever they are in town.

Niloufer Café:

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While Paris is known for its artistic cafes and creative spaces, which attracts artists from all over the world, Hyderabad is no less. The city of pearls is known for its authentic and raw cafes, which serve hot tea with Osmania biscuits and samosa round the clock. These cafes are not just eateries but are also a popular meeting spot for people who are looking to discuss various topics and also enjoy a bite with their friends. Hyderabad has a rich history of cafes, but Niloufer Café has its own position in this realm.

The history of Niloufer Café is indeed an interesting one. This iconic place was taken ownership by Mr Babu Rao, who came all the way from the remote area of Adilabad, who worked as a cleaner in the café to earn his fortune.

After taking ownership of the café, he crafted the art of Osmania biscuits, which are somewhat thicker and more delicious compared to the traditional cookies made by the Westerners.  Babu Rao began his career as a cleaner but slowly progressed from a waiter to the supervisor by finally paying a definite amount to the owners of the café and improving the café’s quality.  The trademark Irani Chai and Osmania biscuits are the biggest drawing point for this always packed Niloufer Café.  Babu Rao aims to get to the audience through delicious food at an affordable price.  Niloufer Café has the credit of bringing star status to Osmania Biscuits and Irani Chai, which became the staple snack for many Hyderabadis, even till date.

With Niloufer Café ruling the roost in the food business, many cafes which serve tea started imitating the trend of Osmania biscuits, which are not just affordable but also filling.

Hyderabadis can be proud to say that food has a unique role in their culture and the brilliance of bringing best quality food at a reasonable price was mastered by outlets of this sort. Kudos to them for maintaining high standards, keeping their roots intact and also following the latest food trend changes which are happening in the world now. Come take a trip down the memory lane by visiting these places that are not just eateries- but an experience to live by.