Here’s The Biryani Anthem We’re All Been Waiting For – A Shape Of You Parody With Double Masala..!

When Ed Sheeran came out with his blockbuster single, Shape Of You, last year, it spawned over a hundred spoofs, outtakes and covers. The single is super catchy, I admit, but the way people have been making covers of it is crazier. First came the impeccable Hindi Movie mashups, then came the Game Of Thrones mashups, and of course the cartoon network/superhero mashup of Shape Of You. Ed Sheeran would’ve (in Ravi Shastri’s voice) been Mighty Pleased.

But hey we aren’t done yet. Here come the one cover to rule all the other. Shape Of You/Biryani mix, which actually makes sense when you think of it. Served fresh by cooks Ahmad Shariff and featuring the always witty Sanjay Manaktala, this Biryani anthem is all you need for the weekend. The lyrics are catchy, and laced with relevant true life anecdotes, that you can’t help but press the loop button. So without further ado, let’s dive into the Biryani Anthem, right now. (I is hungry now).

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