[VoxSpace Tech] GiftsOnAir Nominated As The Best Startup Of The Year 2018

Bridging The Gap Between Offline And Online Retail

GiftsOnAir is a truly innovative startup that is looking at bridging the gap between offline and online retail. The company started in Jaipur in January 2018 by Sarthak Khandelwal, Shobhit Jhalani and Apoorva Panday. It has already managed to gain the confidence of major partners in metro cities.

“If we have to say what we do in simple words, it is that we reward every purchase Offline with offerings that must be redeemed Online. Importantly it provides a trail of the Consumer for the Offline merchant to gain an opportunity to set up a one to one interactive relationship. Along the path, the transactions put GiftsOnAir brand on top,” said the founder of GiftsOnAir, Sarthak Khandelwal.

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The online sales in India are increasing at a stupendous pace. According to estimates, the online population of the country is said to be 350 million and a majority of the users are online via their smartphones. Furthermore, it is being touted that, 58% of this population is buying products and services online. Estimates are pegging that by 2020 this population will increase to 700 million and almost 70% of this population will be shopping online. While people are increasingly resorting to online buying as it offers the convenience of getting what you want right at your doorstep without worrying about the traffic, the weather conditions or the parking hassles, but that has not necessarily translated into the fact that the offline sales are decreasing.

There are still a great number of people who vouch for the offline shopping experience, which is to see, feel, bargain and buy. GiftsonAir believes that both the mediums will continue to grow and there is a unique opportunity that is available in bringing the two marketplaces together.

How GiftsOnAir Works

How the GiftsOnAir business model works is that the online marketer has a pre-fixed discount in mind, GiftsonAir accesses that, adds a certain percentage to it, sometimes doubles it, to give the consumer a gift coupon that can be redeemed online from the GiftsonAir website. These coupons can be redeemed to buy a large number of products that score high on the desirability index such as fashion apparels, Jewelry, Home Decor, Kids Wear etc. These offers are from some of the most sort after brands and offer a value-add to the consumers in lieu of the sale.

GiftsonAir started operation in Jaipur and now has a corporate office in New Delhi as well. Apart from Jaipur and Delhi, the company has spread its operations in Bangalore, Mumbai Pune, Kota, Udaipur, Jodhpur, Ahmedabad and Chandigarh. It plans to pan India in the coming two months. The unique idea and the speed at which the company is growing has already bagged GiftsonAir the nomination for the ‘Best Start-up of the Year’.

The idea to start GiftsOnAir came to Sarthak when he was in class XII but he decided to take sometime brainstorming and connecting with the right mix of people and fine tune his business model before taking the plunge. Currently pursuing his higher education from Narsee Monji Institute of Management Studies, Sarthak sees GiftsOnAir as a future Fortune 100 company in India. The other two co-founders of the company are equally young and dynamic.

Mr Shobhit Jhalani, who is also the tech head is just 30 years of age and has several entrepreneurial ventures under his belt. He is also well versed in Digital Marketing Strategies, Client Acquisition & Website Development.
On the other hand, Apoorva Panday heads the Marketing & Creative for GiftsOnAir and is in her mid-20s. She has a Masters in Marketing & Advertising degree and has been working in the digital industry for 6+ years.

GiftsonAir is not only a unique concept and a business proposition but it also works on promoting ground-level businesses. All three co-founders hail from Jaipur and feel that through this venture they will make their city proud.