Vellipomake Aka Ila Naa Jathaga Promises A Trend Changing Indie Feature

There are times when you see something in YouTube that sticks in your mind for long. A kind of feeling which you does not shake off.  Perhaps, that what happened to me earlier this year, when I came across this wonderfully crafted trailer of a movie called, Ila Naa Jathaga, which is now Vellipomake. With subtle hues and expressions, fusion Carnatic music playing in the background, and dialogues which oozed of realistic situations, the trailer left a great impact on anyone who watched it. I remember sharing the trailer with my friends too. It was raking up a great amount of interest in serious movie watchers and indie film circuits. However, somewhere through time, the movie never came out to the public.

Then after around six months or so, I heard that the movie was coming out soon. Although under a new name of Vellipomake. Again I decided to revisit the trailer and experience the feel of it.

The crisply made trailer shows the direction prowess of the dentist turned Indie filmmaker, Yakub Ali. “I had this story in mind and I was very sure that no producer would be willing to fund it because everyone expects entertainment — which is defined mostly by humor and comedy — but my film doesn’t have what they want. I didn’t want to waste time and decided to go ahead on my own. And that’s how I began working on this film in 2013,” said Ali, speaking with Times Of India a few months earlier.

However, the driving force of Vellipomake trailer is its gifted leads, who emanate realistic styles and vulnerability. The main lead, Actor Vishwak Sen ( Aka Dinesh Naidu ) plays an introvert techie who has so much to say, yet chooses silence to communicate. He infuses an equal measure of command and vulnerability on screen, which is hard to find these days.

“I have been working in short films for a while now. Not just acting, I even directed a film, Pitta Katha for the 48-hour film festival! I constantly kept meeting people who I thought would give me an opportunity but I didn’t want just any opportunity and was looking for something which would give me a chance to prove myself. And this film came along and what more can I ask for?” shared Vishwak in a TOI interview. Through the trailer, we briefly meet Nithyasree Reddy as one of the leads as well. A known face in Short Films and Indie Projects, Nithyasree projects a character graph that is sure to become the movie’s strengths.

The background music of Ila Naa Jathaga or Vellipomake now is by Prashant R Vihari, who has piqued quite a bit of interest within music enthusiasts, with his subtle selections of percussion modes. All in all, despite the delay Ila Naa Jathaga or Vellipomake is a great vehicle for Indie revolution in Telugu Film Industry.

Watch The Trailer Below :