The Picture Of Humanity : A Spurned Lover In Chennai Burns His Girlfriend Alive By Pouring 5 Liters Of Petrol Over Her

Burned Alive A Life

On 13th November, a Chennai based software employee, S.Indhuja was burnt alive by her lover, right outside her house, in a humble locality of the city. The spurned lover, now taken into custody, has been identified as M.Akash. S.Indhuja was 22 years old. In the valiant act of rescue, Indhuja’s mother and her sister had tried to save her, but in turn sustained serious burns themselves. They were immediately rushed to the Kilpauk Medical College Hospital, where the mother has been identified to sustain 49% burns and Nivedha, the sister, suffers from 23% burns. The doctors have recently talked to the press and confirmed that their condition was critical. Indhuja, on the other hand, died on 14th November with no cause of saving whatsoever.

What Caused This Demonic Act To Happen?

Indhuja, as has been earlier mentioned, works as a trainee in a software firm. Her father, Shanmugam has been working in Canada. Post this event, he has been informed and has returned to Chennai as of 14th November. Indhuja also had a younger brother, Manoj, who was also present in the house when his sister was being burnt alive.

As per the initial investigation, the boyfriend, Akash, belongs to the same community and has been known the frequent the Indhuja household quite many times. Also, since both of them, went to the same school, their friendship was entertained by the families. It is an implication that both Indhuja and Akash were in an undeclared relationship, which was scorned upon by Indhuja’s parents. It has since been known, that Indhuja’s parents wanted her to opt for an arranged marriage, and had thus created her profile on a Matrimonial site. This incident, police claim, could’ve been the reason for the horrendous act.

The Act Of Burning Alive

On 13th November, Akash visited Indhuja and wanted to talk to her. Earlier it has been confirmed that Akash had expressed displeasure and had threatened the family on the basis of the Matrimonial listings seeking prospective grooms. On the unfortunate day, however, Akash came prepared to threaten or hurt Indhuja into changing her decision. He had carried 5 litres of petrol in a can and placed it under the stairs near Indhuja’s residence. Next, Akash called Indhuja out and sought to talk to her about her marriage and his feelings for her. It is unknown where an argument broke out, and Police claim that it is at this point, that Akash got hold of the Petrol can, and poured all of it on Indhuja. In the next few moments, he set her ablaze.

As he tried to escape from the incident, the police nabbed him and brought him into custody.

The Concept Of Consent And Acceptance

The case in study brings out a very difficult question of acceptance and expectancy. Where are we as a community of educated and aware individuals going to? When we carefully look at the case of Indhuja being burnt alive, one thing stands out as a clear indication of a premeditated crime. A crime is a crime whether anticipated or spontaneous, but our failure as a society is in the scheming of a crime. Akash in the present case wasn’t spurred at the moment, he was already ready to commit the crime. This readiness to crime is what is horrifying everyone. You see, violence has suddenly an option which very much accountable.

In the realm of our understanding and the range of our living, Violence and rather the normalisation of it has sadly become an essential part. Our immediate reaction to a situation gone bad is thought out on the basis of Killing, Burning, Molesting, Abusing and Hurting. Those become the easiest of options to ponder upon. Why is that? Where have we lost the accommodative nature of difference? Where have we gone mute of talking out things, and perhaps even agreeing to disagree? Does the lack of understanding the decision and reciprocations come from a place where we are insecure about the swiftly changing world around us and are wondering at the spots we occupy in it? You see, we need stabilisation, we strive for it all over our lives. We fall in love with someone, and that’s about it. We just cannot afford to have him/her move out. That stabilisation, just cannot be meddled with. Because, lo and behold, we have no idea how to deal with the destabilisation. And the world around us, won’t give us the time or energy to consider the happening as it is and move on. Perhaps, that’s where we opt for the most horrifying practices of Abuse all round.

Burning alive a girl because she might’ve rejected you? Killing a kid because you can’t face your teachers? Raping a girl because she was speaking up for something? Cutting off the limbs of a wife, when she won’t cook the right dish? The crimes become our living. Highly extraordinary. Highly sadistic. Highly inhuman.