Biswa Kalyan Rath Is Back People, As A Time Traveler Cabbie

Biswa’s style of comedy can be best described as angry rants bordering on what’s socially acceptable. Biswa is a philosopher, a self-proclaimed stand-up comedian, writer, actor, size-zero enthusiast, blogger and an ex-IT professional. What started as a collab effort initially, with another witty hat stand up comic, Kanan Gill in Pretentious Movie Reviews, eventuated in Biswa marking his own niche. With a series of comedic takes on all things life like, Biswa has garnered acclaim world wide ( you cannot get over the silver…silver..joke ever!)

Now after a long time, ( we aren’t counting the small parts he played in Good life foundation et al ), Biswa is back with yet another original comedy track. This time however, he gets to play a time traveller traversing through dimensions, and picking up passengers ( much like Uber one might add ). And the results, as expected are rib tickling to the hilt.

Watch the bihari cab driver, who is taking over the universe, literally so..