[VoxSpace Life] Clarity On Fire : Providing A Direction For Every Passion

Career Coaching Like Never Before

When you hear people ask questions like ‘what is the purpose of your life?’ How do you live the way you want to?’ ‘Can we let go of our fears?’ etc…what do you feel?

‘It’s too serious for us to think about it.’ (Not everyone, but most of us think like that)

Well, meet Rachel and Kristen who’ll talk about exactly those things and get you hooked to it!

Clarity on Fire is a web portal founded by Rachel and Kristen, certified Professional Coaches and best friends. Since 2014, they have been helping individuals in getting to know themselves better, with respect to their passion, profession and almost everything that’s related to life.

Either a lot of us are not worried about the intersection between our passion and profession or a lot of us are too worried. There’s so much imbalance in the way we perceive life and often a lot of us end up being confused throughout or most part of our lives. Rachel and Kristen help you with just that. They not only give suggestions and guidelines but also share a lot of their personal experiences, staying authentic and making sure that what they advise is not unrealistic.

Passion Profile Quiz

Yeah! You can get an idea about what you love doing through a quiz. What’s better than having a qualitative approach to figuring out what you like? And they’ll not leave you there. You have innumerable blog posts and podcasts showering you with information about how to go about it from there.

Their blogs mostly comprise topics such as picking the right profession or moving towards picking the right profession, figuring out one’s passion, how to go about it, all the confusion and stigma surrounding passion, crises and plateaus in our journeys. Basically about life in general and in particular.

There’s something so spectacular about their blogs that reading them makes you feel like immediately starting on your journey. Well, reading anything that’s inspirational makes us feel like that for 5 or 10 or 30 minutes or even half a day, but soon it fades away. The best part here is that they talk about that too. What they talk about is what you exactly thought about, with regards to that topic. It’s like they were inside your head. (Being a sucker for relatable and believable stuff, I had to write about them.)

Their Podcasts Are Life!

Another incredible factor about their work is their podcasts. Say you heard a story from your friend about this woman who lost her job for she was not so good at it, got divorced and has a baby to take care of, has no house, as she was poor all her life, and struggled and gathered all the pieces together and is now running her own business. You would wonder and praise her a bit and then forget about her after a few hours or days.

What if that lady spoke to you directly about every single struggle she went through and tells you how she managed to get out of them, the times when she wanted to quit or did not have a single penny to feed her baby, what made her stick around and continue and the challenges she faced in her journey and what she feels now?

How would that make you feel? Don’t we all love to hear stories of successful people from their own perspective? How relatable is that? Rachel and Kristen not just talk about incredible stories, but get the people whose story it is and talk to them, ask them questions you might have wanted to ask. I can’t tell you how inspiring that is.

Let’s assume the ‘fire’ or inspiration fades away after a few days, you would still come back and listen to her because you want to be like her as you relate to her.

In Conclusion, Clarity On Fire is one of the most successful web portals that offer career guidance and life lessons. Also the most authentic too. If you are struggling with the ongoings of your life or the way things are at work or trying to figure out what you like or how to follow your passion, you know where to go!