Malavika And Sri Krishna Reprise ‘Andala O Chilaka’ And It’s Simply Soothing!!

Reprising some classic songs with a proper blend of modern music has become a common phenomenon in the recent times, but not everyone can pull them off well. While this culture is quite famous with the Music Mojo videos from Kerala, noted Telugu singers Malavika and Sri Krishna, who have already earned themselves a great reputation in the playback singing arena of Telugu cinema have come up with something similar. Collaborating with ‘Band 7’ that comprises of Rakesh, Sagar, Vikram and Benjamin and picking some old classics, reprising them in their own way, this team is gearing up to release music videos and start a new trend in Telugu.

This time the team has come up with a reprised version of the ‘Andala O Chilaka’ from the famous ‘Letamanasulu’. With Malavika and Srikrishna suiting aptly for the melody, you cannot ask for a better version of this. For people who find it difficult to follow the original song, here is your modern version, it might get you humming. Let’s hope this independent scene, being ushered by Harish Nagaraj,  spreads across our state as well and many hidden talents find their way to be recognised. The team continues to churn more such classics that they have piled up in their list and while give the music lovers a total new feel to the original and in parallel prove their mettle as independent music composers.

A great start ‘Bayleaf Studios’!! Keep it going!!