Time Paradox Makes Twins Older Than Each Other..Go Solve..!

As if straight out of a sci-fi movie, rather a time travel movie, People are going bonkers over this incident that Massachusetts county. The riddle of how two twins born almost half an hour apart, being older than each other, is becoming a huge puzzle. However, on further research, the incidence lays bare on a simple Time calculation. On a fine Sunday Morning, Emily and Seth Peterson, welcomed two twin boys into their family. One named Samuel and the other Ronan. However, the intricate puzzle comes to this – Although Samuel was born before Ronan, Ronan ended up being the older twin. And the same is being reflected in the respective birth certificates.

The official reasoning behind this, is the following explanation. Daylight Savings Time, tricked the mathematicians and general public with this conundrum. Take this- Samuel was born at 1:39 AM on Sunday, November 6th, while Ronan took 31 minutes longer. Now, usually the shift of Daylight Savings Time happens at 2 AM. This meant that Ronans birth adjusted for savings, came at 1:10 AM instead of 2:10 AM. This made him elder as well. Thus, making both of the babies older than each other!

As if brothers wouldn’t have enough to argue about already…


Riddle of the day: Samuel was born first, but his twin brother Ronan is older. How is that possible?

The facebook post reads:

Answer: Samuel was born at 1:39 a.m. on Sunday, Nov. 6 and by the time Ronan was born 31 minutes later, #DaylightSavingsTime had ended for the year and the time fell back by an hour, making Ronan’s official time of birth 1:10 a.m. Samuel and Ronan were born at Cape Cod Hospital to parents Emily and Seth Peterson of West Barnstable.

“I said earlier that night that they were either going to be born on two different days or the time change was going to come into play,” said Seth, who is trooper with the Massachusetts State Police. Cape Cod Hospital Maternity nurse, Deb Totten, said it was the first time she has ever seen this happen in more than 40 years of nursing!