Wear A Small Part Of Nature And Life With Terrarium Jewellery From LeafyAffair

Initial thoughts when I came across the works of Supriya Donthi were – Eh? Whuut?. Like, no seriously, I was sure I had perhaps misread it or seen something very weird. It took some time, but as I went onto look further, I realised that this Bangalore based jewellery maker, had done something incredible and utterly gorgeous. Pick up her makes, a bracelet, pendant or a necklace, and you will see sa small part of green life in it. Moss, you know. Dewy green moss, which along with speckles of sand and seeds, and radiant blue earthlings, configured these beautiful Terrarium jewellery set pieces. Literally, it’s like having a part of Nature in your hand or on your neck. Obviously, we had to have a chat with Supriya Donthi, as to the what’s and how’s of Terrarium Jewellery, and the story behind it. The excerpts of our talk below..

Definition Of Terrarium Jewellery And Works For Ages: 

Terrariums are basically plants in glass enclosures. They are usually made in big glass jars, centre piece bowls etc. They require very little care as they come become sustained ecosystems and grow on their own. However, not all varieties of plants can be included in Terrariums as there are certain conditions in a like the moisture, humidity etc. which suits only particular kinds of plants.

What I make are miniatures of these Terrariums which are then designed into jewelry. It is more like wearing a piece of nature. This is a contemporary fusion art jewellery which is a big craze in other countries. However, in India not many people know of Terrariums as such. Additionally, the gathering of materials is also not a cake walk. One should have immense passion and love for nature to be stuck up on something like this. Also, I use preserved moss in my jewellery and am presently experimenting with Dandelion seeds. I look forward to make some designs with pressed and preserved flowers in the future as well.

Inspirations Behind Starting This Particular Line Of Design Under Leafy Affair:

I was a Project manager by profession before “LeafyAffair” happened. I always had an entrepreneurial streak and had been a lover of nature for long. Then, I got to know about Terrarium jewellery while browsing online and wanted one for myself. Sadly, I learnt that these are not made in India and then took on the task myself and started making them. I put them up online and the response has been amazing. I only make wearable terrariums keeping in mind the current trends. With statement jewellery, young and flirty designs, my collection is a favorite with a lot of my clients.

Collecting Raw Materials And Moss:

Some kinds of moss that I use, don’t even grow in the vicinity, so not everything is collected by me personally. I have a vendor from who I procure the glass and then, I design the jewelry myself. Basically, this concept is new to people. Terrarium jewelry in itself is becoming a trend only recently.

Providing Custom Made Glass and Terrarium Jewellery To Clients: 

Customizations are done in a way, where the client can choose the kind of bottle used, the preferred colours inside a Terrarium, the charms along with the necklace etc. Sometimes I also add a secret scroll inside the terrarium which makes it even more special.

Pricing Models And Range For The Jewellery:

Each piece is made with a lot of care and passion by myself. Pricing obviously includes the raw materials used, time taken etc. Its more about the value because the materials are rare to find in our country. The products are priced at 750 upwards and go till 1400. Customizations are done at extra cost.

Delivering Happiness And Future Plans For “LeafyAffair” : 

We deliver all over India, More collection for men and pressed flower jewellery are next in the agenda. Regarding the jewellery market, it total depends on the kind of jewelry. Since these are unique the response has been really good as they are more than just jewelry. They are pieces of art and bits of nature. Specially, the ones who love nature will love LeafyAffair even more. They feel very happy when they get products from Leafyaffair. Also, my collection has limited edition as I love to maintain exclusivity and this makes it all the more special for the buyers.

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