[VoxSpace Life] US Goes Crazy With #BoycottNetflix After Obama’s Official Joins Netflix

Susan Rice Joins Netflix

Barack Obama’s National Security Advisor, Susan Rice, is set to join the streaming company, Netflix, as one of its Board of Directors.  However, this isn’t the first time that Netflix has aggravated right-wing dismay. In other news, Obama is expected to negotiate a content deal with the streaming company, which demonstrates its inclination towards the left.

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File photo: Susan Rice

Delighted to welcome Rice on board, the CEO of Netflix, Reed Hastings said in a statement that she has tackled difficult, complex global issues with intelligence, integrity and insight, for decades and thus, the company looks forward to benefiting from her experience and wisdom. Rice’s term as a United Nations Ambassador can also prove as an asset to Netflix, as it continues to expand deeply into international markets. With an increased regulatory attention to the media industry, growing companies like Netflix clearly need someone senior on board to guide them through the storm.

About Susan Rice

Currently, Rice is a visiting fellow at Havard and is also an opinion writer for The New York Times.

During Obama’s second term as the President, Rice was one of the members of his National Security Council. This put her in charge of foreign and national security policy, intelligence and military efforts.

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In 2012, during the attacks on the US Embassy in Benghazi and Libya, Rice was accused of underplaying the attack as a spontaneous act of violence in response to an anti-Muslim film (Innocence of Muslims), by the Republican lawmakers.

Reaction From The American Media

While the American Media never shied away from its political inclination, this move from the Republican side is much more than just a subtle power play. Undeniably, the conservative media outlets were quick to criticize the announcement. Considering Rice and Trump never had it even, Republicans went on to troll Rice all over Twitter after the announcement was made.

As per a Tweet, which asked whether you would cancel your Netflix membership due to Susan Rice’s hiring on board, 58% people agreed to cancel their subscriptions. Though it sounds like a catastrophe, it can’t be considered one to its true essence. This is because such polls are conducted by people who are conservatives and usually, conservatives are the ones who vote against the democrat moves.

A campaign run through the hashtag #BoycottNetflix has gained momentum. It allegedly accuses the company to spreading propaganda by maintaining ties with Democrats like Obama and Rice. Various people across the US are posting screenshots that depict the cancellation of their Netflix subscription.

Due to this, Netflix’s Stock Price also suffered a great fall after the announcement was made on Wednesday.