[VoxSpace Life] 5 Youngsters From Hyderabad Make It To The Forbes 30 Under 30 List

Forbes 30 Under 30  List 

There is no high better than success! And if all the cities sat around a table and talked about their success, Hyderabad would definitely be the loudest. With great pride and honour, after retaining its spot as the best Indian city to live in, Hyderabad has added another feather to its already glowing cap.

Forbes released its third annual 30 under 30 Asia list and it features 300 young achievers across 10 various categories. Out of them, five young talents who have achieved this feat are from Hyderabad. The credit goes to four young entrepreneurs, who’ve reshaped their industry and are changing Hyderabad for the better, and our very own badminton queen, PV Sindhu. It is definitely a proud moment for the city.

With over 2000 nominations submitted, the four entrepreneurs, who belong to three start-ups in the city, managed to grab a place. Electric Motors start-up Gayam Motor Works (GMW) co-founder Rahul Gayam, the online discovery platform for students across India stuMagz founders, Frederick Devarampati and Sri Charan Lakkaraju, Medical transport service start-up StanPlus Tech co-founder, Prabhdeep Singh are the achievers on the list. PV Sindhu who already became a national icon after winning a silver at the Rio Olympics continued her streak of wins at the Korea Open and India Open. This clinched her a place in the list, in the Entertainment and Sports category.

For all those curious to know the functionality of these start-ups and if you are wondering as to why they won a place in this prestigious 30 list, here we would like to bring to you a close look at them. And we are sure, once you take a look, you will acknowledge their achievements and give them a pat on their back.

Gayam Motor Works (GMW)

Founders: Raja Gayam, Rahul Gayam and Sri Harsha Bavirisetty

While the car manufacturing biggies such as Ford, Maruti Suzuki, Honda and others claim that India will have its first electric car by 2020, here Hyderabad’s start-up is already ahead of them in the race. Gayam Motor Works stands as the first company in the world to develop an electric three-wheeler vehicle with Li-Ion battery and a battery swapping system. Transportation contributes to nearly 51% of the country’s pollution and 75-80 % in the urban areas. With a constant growth of automobiles in the country, these young entrepreneurs are aiming to produce vehicles that can contribute to keeping the pollution under control. It is also a cost-effective affair. While the normal cost of autorickshaws running on diesel is at Rs. 3.5/km, the Smart Auto has a running cost of only Rs. 0.50/km.

Another one of their product is the LIMITLESS e-bikes. The electric bike comes with different levels of pedal assistance to give a push. Once you pedal, the motor kicks in and supplies 80% of the energy and if you don’t want to pedal, there is a throttle next to the right handle that can take you from 0-25 kmph in 5 seconds.


Founders: Frederick Devarampati and Sri Charan Lakkaraju

With an aim to create a digital ecosystem for campuses across India, the founders Frederick and Sri Charan worked their way through the idea of integrating a diverse range of solutions. From issues pertaining to recruitment, alumni engagement, faculty management and to achieve other management objectives, this app gives you a one-stop solution to everything. As the founders describe it, stuMagz is about connecting with stories, collaborating with people and about creating a cult. stuMagz, which is now widely present in South India, is looking to procure more funds and expand its horizons to all across India.

StanPlus Tech

Founders: Antoine Poirson, Prabhdeep Singh, Jose Leon

StanPlus provides 24/7 emergency and medical transport support. With over 180 ambulances, this startup can reach 50% of the entire population of Hyderabad within 15 minutes, and 85% of the city’s population within 30 minutes.

Along with badminton queen PV Sindhu, Anushka Sharma and Indian Women’s Cricket player Smriti Mandana also made it to the list

Congratulations to all the young achievers! You are an inspiration to us all!!